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The Patient Body: Choosing Childlessness

The Patient Body: Choosing Childlessness

“The Patient Body” is a monthly column by Ann Neumann about issues at the intersection of religion and medicine.

Single Mother Advantage

Rick Santorum to Family Research Council president Tony Perkins on the radio yesterday, about how single mothers are the government-dependent Democratic Party base:
Look at the political base of the Democratic Party: it is single mothers who run a household. Why? Because it’s so tough economically that they look to the government for help and...

As Goes Iowa: Asking Presidential Candidates the Right Religion Questions

by Andy Kopsa Every four years the national political eye shifts to Iowa’s first-in-the-nation caucuses.  With the 2012 presidential election only 15 months away, the campaign frenzy in Iowa has already begun.  Local and national media are eagerly following Republican presidential hopefuls as they glad-hand farmers, eat local delicacies and stump, flanked by American flags, through...

In Support of Mythical Families

David Nolan of Catholics for Choice gives us a run-down of the agenda for the upcoming World Congress of Families Regional Congress, an event to be held during the UK's "National Family Week." You can guess what kind of families organizers and speakers are -- in some cases, literally -- lobbying for. ...