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In the News: Captain America, Serpents, Google's Gods and much more!

In the News: Captain America, Serpents, Google’s Gods and much more!

A round-up of recent religion and media stories in the news.
A Generation in Play: Israel, Palestine and the New Evangelicals

A Generation in Play: Israel, Palestine and the New Evangelicals

Maurice Chammah investigates ruptures in the traditionally steadfast American Evangelical support for Israel.
Adoption Reform, Right-to-Life Style

Adoption Reform, Right-to-Life Style

Kathryn Joyce reveals what's really going on with the adoption reform bill currently being debated in Ohio.
The Last Twentieth Century Book Club: Carman

The Last Twentieth Century Book Club: Carman

The Last Twentieth Century Book Club, is an ongoing monthly column exploring religious ephemera by Don Jolly .
The Postsuburban Gospel

The Postsuburban Gospel

Fred Folmer reviews Justin Wilford's Sacred Subdivisions.

Virtues of Engagement

An excerpt from Moral Ambition: Mobilization and Social Outreach in Evangelical Megachurches, a new book by Omri Elisha. There are many ways to be ambitious, and many different objectives that ambitious people aspire to aside from wealth and power. For those we call "people of faith," the life of religious commitment is a relentless, often...

Giving Evangelicalism Only Another Generation

From "Our Mission to 'Theologically Educate,'" A convocation given by Timothy Tennent, president of Asbury Theological Seminary, at that institution in September.
It may be true that the house of liberal Protestantism has nearly burned to the ground and we’ve been standing there screaming with our water hose for almost a century, but, brothers and...

Evangelical Theology and Post-Modernism.

What could be more telling of the challenges faced by the modern Evangelical church than this podcast of four white, male Evangelical theologians discussing post-modernism? Turns out not much.

NAE Service: Whether You Want It or Not

08 February 2006 Who’s the National Association of Evangelicals going to save, if not the environment? When it’s not busy finding excuses not to join the centrist evangelical coalition that’s taking on global warming, the NAE is directing its salvation energies closer to home: today filing court documents to officially join the defense of the Air...

Proselytize, Evangelize

06 February 2006 Attorneys defending the Air Force against charges of religious discrimination at the Colorado Springs Air Force Academy have asked the judge presiding over the lawsuit to dismiss the case on the grounds that plaintiff Michael Weinstein and his co-plaintiffs haven’t demonstrated that they were sufficiently harmed by the alleged proselytization by evangelical Air Force...

Evangelical Branches

31 January 2006 The Los Angeles Times recycles an old, and never very fresh story-line — evangelicals are “branching out” to include issues of poverty and environmentalism in their agenda — just in time for the State of the Union address. The semblance of a “hook” that makes this count as news is the 160 Sojourners-sponsored “State...

The AIDS Aid Money Trail

30 January 2006 Nearly a quarter of President Bush’s $15 billion HIV/AIDS program is earmarked for faith-based groups, with $200 million specifically set aside for groups without experience working with government grants. As could be expected, many groups that promote abstinence only, rather than safe sex through condoms or education programs for sex workers, have...