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In the News - Heathens, Hymns, and Holy Men

In the News – Heathens, Hymns, and Holy Men

A round-up of the week's religion news.

Ordained Into the Abstract:
What does “Anglican” Mean?

In Christopher Armstrong's brief history of U.S. fundamentalism, he cites that in the 1970s, “the movement began a tectonic shift from protecting theological truths in infra-denominational fights to guarding 'Christian morality' in a nation specially chosen by God.” As part of this shifting, terms like “evangelical” (Good News) and “Christian” (follower of Jesus Christ)...

Wayward Evangelical Soldiers

24 January 2006 Religion professor and author of The Beloved Community: How Faith Shapes Social Justice, From the Civil Rights Movement to Today, Charles Marsh, reprimands his fellow evangelical believers for “recasting Christian doctrine” in order to follow their “wayward” brother in Christ, George W. Bush, into war. Marsh also brings to bear his recent conversations...