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On Piety: Egypt, Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood

On Piety: Egypt, Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood

By Maurice Chammah The popular image of Egypt split by religious and political loyalties belies a subtle story of piety and social change.
Carmen Weinstein: Legacy and Nostalgia

Carmen Weinstein: Legacy and Nostalgia

On April 13, Carmen Weinstein, leader of Egypt’s dwindling Jewish community, died at her home in Cairo. She was 82. Maurice Chammah looks back on his 2012 meeting with Ms. Weinstein, and considers the past and future of Egypt's Jews.
Sonallah Ibrahim: Life in the Raw

Sonallah Ibrahim: Life in the Raw

Following the publication of a new translation of Sonallah Ibrahim's "That Smell," Maurice Chammah considers the book, and its author, in light of Egypt's recent political and social upheaval.
Destiny and Defiance in Port Said

Destiny and Defiance in Port Said

By Maurice Chammah "Port Said, once the pariah, is now the vanguard. As the protests turn to street battles, Port Said’s traditional independence from the rest of the country is coming out in a way it never has before."

African Responses to “Muslim Innocence”

by Alex Thurston Protests against the Innocence of Muslims film have taken on a global sub-Saharan Africa, responses have ranged from violent protests to calls for peace.

Decibels and Debate: Unifying Egypt’s Call to Prayer

by Maurice Chammah The call to prayer was not just a reminder of religious extremism. For these elite Egyptians, it was religious extremism.

All Together? The Legacy of Egypt’s Jews

by Maurice Chammah At first I did a double take, seeing the word ‘Weinstein’ in simple block letters one story above street level in downtown Cairo.

The Bullet That Doesn’t Hit You

By Maurice Chammah Nasser had...wanted the state to protect journalists from the market, but could that be done without making them slaves of the state?

Salafism for Dummies

by Alex Thurston Suddenly, Salafism seems to be everywhere: mainstream Salafism, political Salafism, Wahhabist Salafism, Arab Salafism, Islamist Salafism, radical Salafism, and at least one instance of salafist-fundamentalist cage-fighting-ism.

The First Draft of History: Wire Agency Reporting in Egypt

by Maurice Chammah The editors weren’t pleased. It was too complex...It would be easier, they decided, to frame the story as one of religious hatred.

Manufacturing Visions:
A Review of “The Virgin, the Copts and Me”

By Abhimanyu Das Namir Abdel Messeeh's highly entertaining documentary The Virgin, the Copts and Me is a curious beast, a bit like one of those clever New Yorker articles that start off making you think it'll be about Batman but end up being about the tax obligations of the 1%. Only, in this case, it's...

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The latest issue of Cultural Anthropology features an article by Revealer writer Yasmin Moll (read the entire issue here) titled, "Building the New Egypt: Islamic Televangelists, Revolutionary Ethics, and 'Productive' Citizenship."  (You can read Yasmin's article and the entire issue here.  You can read Yasmin's articles for The Revealer here.)