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Draw Mohammad, Hide

Wendy Norris, the artist formerly known for getting facebook banned in Pakistan, has repeatedly and publicly denied starting "Everybody Draw Mohammad Day."  According to AOL (via the Seattle Weekly), Norris has been forced to go into hiding.

Political Cartoon

06 February 2006 Juan Cole takes a sober look at the Mohammad cartoon crisis, which led this weekend to the burning of Danish and Norwegian embassies, and attacks on Iraqi and Turkish Christian churches, and sees more politics than pure religion in the outcry. Country by country, he explains the extra-religious influences on the protests or riots: anti-war,...

Banning Contempt

01 February 2006 Jyllands-Posten, the Danish newspaper which prompted world-wide Muslim protests after publishing cartoons criticized as blasphemous, in which the Prophet Mohammed was depicted wearing a bomb-shaped turban or telling suicide bombers he’d “run out of virgins” with which to reward them, received multiple bomb threats yesterday, one day after it apologized for the publication. The cartoons, which...