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Science or Academic Atheism?

Amy Levin:  What happens when we give scientists the authority to speak about God? This was my first question when I discovered Jonathan Pararajasingham’s recent video compilation called “50 Famous Academics and Scientists Talk About God.” It's posted on Open Culture and the list of those featured includes 16 Nobel prize winners, including a...

Muslim Women’s Voice

Rhonda Roumani at The Scoop asks why controversial atheist and denouncer of Islam, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, is allowed by the American media to speak for all Muslim women. She writes, "She has slowly become the public face of 'Muslim women,' often to the exclusion of others who have compelling narratives of their own...

Evangelical Theology and Post-Modernism.

What could be more telling of the challenges faced by the modern Evangelical church than this podcast of four white, male Evangelical theologians discussing post-modernism? Turns out not much.