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By Ashley Baxstrom [caption id="attachment_10496" align="aligncenter" width="614" caption=""Heart to Heart 2" by Angela Zito"][/caption]   #Valentine'sDay was cocoa in a red mug, powdered sugar & strawberries on my pancakes, a note in my lunchbox from mom. Now it's all #DIY.

Jesus, Pop Idol: Capturing the Tween Market

by Kristina Loew There was a time when popular culture was a bastion of rebellion, a place where America’s youth could forge a new identity and give the middle finger to their parents. Not so these days, where purity rings have become fashionable, pop stars are giving regular shout-outs to Jesus and raunchiness is in remission....

Eden on the Block

In the beginning, there was a “time of innocence.” Pam Shaw, one of a few thousand Eves, called it “paradise,” and speaks of the “blind faith” with which she believed in the Prime Mover of her bliss. Yes, of course — Disney Corp. In today’s New York Times, Abby Goodnough reports on Disney’s plan to sell Celebration, its now...