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Review: List of the Lost by Morrissey

Review: List of the Lost by Morrissey

Kevin Healey reviews List of the Lost by Morrissey.

Return of the Exorcist

Writes Daniel Burke about the increase of exorcists in the U.S. Catholic Church at U.S. Catholic, "there are more exorcists in the United States now than at any other time in modern history, according to experts. More than 100 bishops and priests met in Baltimore last November to recruit dozens more."  He continues:

Our Favorite Demon

Revealer editor Jeff Sharlet celebrates I.B. Singer’s 100th birthday – and the demons with which he populated his stories — in the Jewish Forward: “Scholars may suppose they are tools of psychology, good Jews may insist they are mirrors in which we can glimpse the complex mind of God. But Jewish writers are, for the most part, a ‘pornographic,...