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Exporting the “Pro-Life” Movement to Russia

Last month the Russian Orthodox Church issued a statement that supported Moscow's squashing of the gay pride parade there.  But it seems limiting the rights of gays isn't the only issue on which the church has found a chance to work with the state.  The New York Times reports that the Russian government and...

Using “Demographic Winter” To Thwart Global Access to Family Planning

What was once a rallying cry by U.S. evangelical organizations to limit access to birth control here and abroad (see former Revealer managing editor Kathryn Joyce's 2008 article at The Nation, "Missing: The 'Right' Babies") is now a Vatican topic for discussion at a UN panel.

More Babies

In a recent article for AlterNet Bill Berkowitz describes the fear of European population decline -- so-called "birth dearth" or, as used to evoke the horrors of nuclear winter, "demographic winter" -- "as a catchphrase for turning the discussion [about declining birth rates and rising population age in the West] into another battle...