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Daily Links: 541%

Daily Links: 541%

Schradle's quick links: From Florida to charity, Mormon slurs to bullying, Vatican Evangelizing to H+ something special.

Ashley Baxstrom and Amy Levin:  A man was murdered last night.

SCOTUS Approves Tax Credit for Religious Tuition

Two decisions come out of the Supreme Court today, one mentioned almost as a footnote to the other in a New York Times article.  Donate money for an award at a religious education institution, get a dollar-for-dollar tax credit, says the ruling on an Arizona case.  From the article:
The program itself is novel and...

Things to Debate in Denver When You’re Almost Dead

The Colorado Supreme Court is hearing arguments about whether or not to reinstate the death sentence of a convicted murderer and rapist who in 1995 was given the death penalty by jury members who consulted the Bible to see what God has to say about capital punishment. Searching out relevant verses, like “eye for eye, tooth...