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Me and My Mat

Me and My Mat

Naturalized as an integral part of practice, the mass produced yoga mat is an illustrative example of niche commoditization and the way entrepreneurs savvily build microeconomies around emergent lifestyle trends.

Discount Jesus

Ashley Baxstrom: Jesus saves but maybe he shouldn't sell. At least, not cell phones. And especially not during Easter. The Advertising Standards Authority, which governs media advertising and operates kind of like the UK’s version of the FCC, this month banned a publicity campaign from UK mobile retailer Phones 4 U that ran...

Changeallujah: The Reluctant Religion of Reverend Billy

By Brad Tytel St. Mark’s is an Episcopal church; an impressive edifice of rough gray stone perched behind a black iron fence on 10th Street and Second Avenue. Today a crowd of 200 fills the nave, looking less Episcopal than pure East Village. This is hardly Reverend Billy’s first St. Marks sermon, but it is...