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Under the Mask of Marvels

Under the Mask of Marvels

Rex Barnes reveals Marvel's pre-modern religious origins.
In the News: #blacklivesmatter, #Illridewithyou, TL;DR Bible Stories, and more!

In the News: #blacklivesmatter, #Illridewithyou, TL;DR Bible Stories, and more!

A round-up of recent religion and media stories in the news.

99 Muslim Comic Sunday

Mary Valle: The 99, a comic series created by Naif Al-Mutawa, has gained popularity in the rest of the world but run into some suspicion here in the US. It's about 99 superheroes who each embody one of the 99 Islamic attributes of God, but isn't explicitly Islamic. Also: take note! 50 of...

Buddha and Jesus, Together in the Tokyo Suburbs

by S. Brent Plate I'm just back from a few weeks researching gardens in Japan, the kind of Zen-type designs that are most idealized in a place like Ryoan-ji. The wonderful thing about Japan, like so many contemporary places, is the ancient-modern juxtaposition that stares you down around every corner. You can walk out of...

Seal of Approval.

Does the president regularly endorse liberal practitioners of other religious traditions as somehow upstanding citizens of those traditions? He does not embrace and identify forms of Christianity and Judaism that he likes, even though there are obviously tendencies within both those religious traditions that support an illiberal relationship to politics and violence.

Daily Links December 06 2004

“When the holy mother sizzle is the only sound you hear” Golden Palace, the casino that bought the “Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich” for $28,000, is capitalizing on its purchase with a “Make Your Own Sandwich” option (“Your Face Here”), and a signature song (to the tune of “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”), “It’s Virgin...