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In the News: Paris, Witches, the CNN Apocalypse, and more!

In the News: Paris, Witches, the CNN Apocalypse, and more!

A round-up of recent religion and media stories in the news.

Daily Links 27 August 2005

Faster, Paula Zahn, Kill, Kill! CNN’s Paula Zahn jumps on the assassination bandwagon: “Has controversial broadcaster Pat Robertson gone too far, or is he onto something?” More from Jon Stewart‘s Daily Show, offering the best media criticism of L’Affaire Robertson. Seriously. Funny, too.  

It’s OK When They Say It

Sharlet: CNN may be global, but it sure sounds provincial this morning. I’m watching in the breakfast room of a Holiday Inn in Salida, Colorado, along with two young families and a couple of seniors. Next up: “A Buddhist monk” is going to explain his tradition’s response to the tsunami. Filled with respect, the room...

A Grateful Jew

As we type, film critic Michael Medved is on CNN explaining the problem with Mel Gibson‘s Passion. What’s the problem? The Jews. CNN brought Medved, a politically conservative, orthodox Jew who never saw a bit of Christian apologetics he didn’t like, to escalate the press coverage of the controversy. “The movie wasn’t made for Jews,” Medved is explaining — so they...