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Party for the Animals

Amy Levin: First it was cutting foreskin, now it’s cutting throats. Jewish and Muslim ritual practices are getting the shaft lately, as the lower house of the Dutch parliament passed a bill last Tuesday, June 22nd, that would ban shechita (kosher) and halal slaughter in the Netherlands. The bill requires that animals be...

Circumcision and Religious Tolerance

Amy Levin: From the 30-year anniversary of the AIDS epidemic, to the Weiner scandal, to the current debate over legality of male circumcision, the public eye is certainly holding its gaze on men’s bodies. While religious discourse undoubtedly has a stake in each of these issues, the surgical removal of men’s foreskin...

Glick and Ship

Hey fellas — been circumcised lately? If so, Slate‘s Emily Bazelon wants you, for a survey on “optimal pleasure.” (Was sex better before, or after?) What’s the occasion? The publication of Marked In Your Flesh: Circumcision From Ancient Judea To Modern America, by The Revealer’s old friend, collaborator, and teacher, Leonard B. Glick.