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In the News:  Wicca, Climate Change, Gaza and Much More

In the News: Wicca, Climate Change, Gaza and Much More

A round-up of recent religion and media stories in the news.

More Tea, Vicar? A review of BBC’s “Rev”

by Abhimanyu Das The Church of England inhabits a unique place in this busy trafficking of religious stereotypes. They're the Church that's known for being, well, not that religious.

Say Little Prayers

News of the Silly: England’s General Register Office has revised rules that banned all religious references from civil marriage ceremonies to now allow the incidentally religious references to God, prayer, or grace that tend to appear in popular wedding songs like Aretha Franklin’s “I Say a Little Prayer.”

Arbishop of York

Dr. John Sentamu, the new Archbishop of York, the second-highest official in the Church of England, and the Church’s first black Archbishop, announced his receipt of racist threat letters, some smeared with feces, after his election earlier this year.

Who’s Afraid of the Holy Ghost?

In a set of guidelines for religious education released this week in England, teachers have been instructed to avoid frightening children with certain explanations of religious practice, such as describing the Eucharist as becoming the blood and body of Christ, because this could suggest that Christians are cannibalistic, or any mention of the spooky phrase “Holy Ghost”...

The Joy of Battle

“In the sitting room of a flat in Bloomsbury, Geoffrey Kirk introduces himself jovially as the man who is going to split the Church of England.” So writes Jamie Wilson in the British Guardian, deftly conveying with one sentence a crucial element of the potentially schismatic debates coming to a boil throughout the Anglican Communion (and, for that matter, many...