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The Patient Body: Hospitals and the Pretense of Charity

The Patient Body: Hospitals and the Pretense of Charity

“The Patient Body” is a monthly column by Ann Neumann about issues at the intersection of religion and medicine.
The Last Twentieth Century Book Club: Speak Out!

The Last Twentieth Century Book Club: Speak Out!

The Last Twentieth Century Book Club, is an ongoing monthly column exploring religious ephemera by Don Jolly .
In The News: Is Santa White? Is the Pope a Marxist? What's a Christian Hipster?

In The News: Is Santa White? Is the Pope a Marxist? What’s a Christian Hipster?

A round-up of recent religion & media news.
Ahbash Rising: Religious Freedom in Ethiopia, Part 1

Ahbash Rising: Religious Freedom in Ethiopia, Part 1

In the first of two posts on the deterioration of religious freedom for Ethiopia's Muslims, Alex Thurston looks at Ethiopia's relationship with the U.S. and the "Global War on Terror"

Back In the Habit and Looking Good

Ashley Baxstrom: The Devil may wear Prada, but that doesn’t mean he owns the market on being fashionably faithy. Check out the hot new line debuting over at the Community of Compassion, a new Anglican Catholic order in Forth Worth, Texas. When Mother Mary Magdalene, founder of the order, needed help designing new habits –...

No time for games

Thanks to our friendly fellow blogger The Sensuous Curmudgeon for drawing our attention this story: a story about the quest for truth. A story about history and modernity. A story about one of the greatest stories ever told – with a children’s board game. And a story about the people who hate that game. In a...

Shifting Politics in the World’s Newest Nation

By Alex Thurston South Sudan, though less than six months old as an independent nation, already faces challenges to its political and cultural unity: rebels abound, opposition groups denounce the ruling party, and ethnic tensions simmer. Christianity has provided a powerful platform for political mobilization in the region’s past, and churches continue to represent the strongest...

Atheism vs Religion:
Take 253: Matthew Chapman’s The Ledge

by S. Brent Plate Before you've even heard of this film, Bill Donohue has, once again, given it a ratings boost by rebuffing it on the Catholic League website. In between press releases on "Bishop Blasted over Gay Marriage" and "New York Times is Gay Crazy," is a little piece blasting Matthew Chapman's film The...

Terry Jones Takes Dearborn

Yesterday Terry Jones held another rally in Dearborn, Michigan, outside the Arab International Festival, to raise awareness for the encroachment of Islam in America.  Abby Ohlheiser was there. This was the plan: Terry Jones would speak at City Hall then march with his supporters up to the annual Arab International Festival in Dearborn, MI, a...

The Chinese Church

The Christian Century reports that China's Minister of State Administration for Religious Affairs, Wang Zuo'an, is in Nairobi for a visit with the Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya to "enhance the relationship between the Anglican Church, the Global South Anglican Communion and the Chinese church."

Lent in 140 Characters

Clint Rainey: Stephen Smith, at Bible Gateway, has for three years made an annual top-100 list and snazzy tag cloud with what Twitterers say they’re giving up for Lent. This year, he wrangled up 85,000 messages tweeted between March 7 and March 10. (March 9 was Ash Wednesday, the first...

The Burden of Disbelief

From a review by The Washington Post's Hank Stuever of  "The Sunset Limited," a new HBO show written by Cormac McCarthy:
The bigger revelation here is Jones, in total sync with McCarthy's words, bringing an understated, heavy-sigh sadness to the role of White. His burden of disbelief feels more real than Black's insistence on a...