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Waiting for Consent

From Rev. Dr. Maria LaSala's post, "Mary's Choice: What the Annunciation Story Tells Us About Moral Agency":
The angel waited for Mary’s consent. And then we hear that Mary chooses to say yes to the angel’s invitation.

Evangelical Women Need Role Models Too

Newsweek's religion editor, Lisa Miller, contributes to the recent conversation about Sarah Palin's "feminism," but instead of parsing definitions (see also here and here for that), Miller tells us why evangelical women see Palin as a saint:  they hunger for a contemporary role model.  Miller opens the article with a recount of...

An American Pope?

Should Gray Davis be allowed to take communion? Some conservative Roman Catholic leaders say no, but not because they’re stumping for the Austrian Oak. Rather, they’re part of a “social renewal” movement within the Church that seeks to show some muscle of its own by making politicians choose between their pro-choice views and their right...