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Happy 75th Birthday, Dalai Lama.

From AP via HuffPoUSAToday:
In Beijing, Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang at a regular news conference Tuesday remarked about the date: "I only remember two dates: March 8, 1951 and May 23, 1959, the liberation of the Tibetan serfs."

Separation of Church and War

Jason Carter: Objecting voices were raised in China, both Koreas and even Japan when Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi visited a Shinto shrine honoring Ally-convicted war criminals. While China fears Koizumi’s homage to an imperial past will strain diplomacy over hot-button-issues like oil-drilling rights in the East China Sea, a Reuters article in The New...

Daily Links 21 December 2004

The Shelf-Life of Angels Bia Lowe investigates the devolution of angels, lyrics, and humanity: “It is still a mystery as to why A. curiosa [“angels”] developed a mouth part, since there was no apparent need — nothing to be gained, nothing to be transcended, nothing, indeed, to be fought, won, or defended. These early mouth parts...