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Daily Links: Guns, Gays, and Diabetes

Daily Links: Guns, Gays, and Diabetes

Daily Links: Your Very Own "Standard Model" Interpretation

Daily Links: Your Very Own “Standard Model” Interpretation

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What I'm Reading

What I’m Reading

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Abuse of Power Comes as No Surprise:
The Causes and Context of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Catholic Priests

by Frances Kissling This past week, criminologists at the John Jay College of Criminal Law released a numbers crunching, statistically dense, spiritually troubling 144 page report which aimed to identify the causes and context of sexual abuse of minors by Catholic priests between 1950 to 2002. The report was commissioned by the U.S. Conference of...

My Catholic Conscience

We've been here before. And no, it didn't work then either. by Jon O'Brien Like others, I am deeply concerned about recent moves in Congress that would restrict access to reproductive healthcare services, especially for poor women. The situation reminds me of other experiments where a few people with extreme views sought to pass policy that...

Frances Kissling on On Being

Frances Kissling, a visiting scholar at University of Pennsylvania Center for Bioethics and former president of Catholics for Choice, will be on Krista Tippett's On Being show on January 20.  For more information, click here.

An Authentically Catholic Hospital

In November of 2009 Sister Margaret McBride was fired and excommunicated by Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted. As a member of the ethics board at St. Joseph's hospital in Phoenix, McBride had authorized an abortion to save the life of a 27 year old mother of four.  The young mother survived.  In May of this...

In Support of Mythical Families

David Nolan of Catholics for Choice gives us a run-down of the agenda for the upcoming World Congress of Families Regional Congress, an event to be held during the UK's "National Family Week." You can guess what kind of families organizers and speakers are -- in some cases, literally -- lobbying for. ...

Daily Links 05 November 2004

You’ll Know Us by Our Earbuds A California start-up called BiblePlayer offers free downloads of three different text versions of the Bible that can be stored and read on the screen of an iPod. An Educational Opportunity The American Life League has issued a press release calling for the ousting and ostracism of Pamela Hayes, an openly pro-choice Catholic...

An American Pope?

Should Gray Davis be allowed to take communion? Some conservative Roman Catholic leaders say no, but not because they’re stumping for the Austrian Oak. Rather, they’re part of a “social renewal” movement within the Church that seeks to show some muscle of its own by making politicians choose between their pro-choice views and their right...