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In the News: Bill Nye, Depression, Antarctica, The Dalai Lama & More

In the News: Bill Nye, Depression, Antarctica, The Dalai Lama & More

A round-up of religion in the recent news.
The Dalai Lama is Home

The Dalai Lama is Home

By Becky Rynor I was looking for the chink in that unfailingly optimistic armor, a moment of emotion from the man who was forced by invading Chinese forces to flee his homeland of Tibet in 1959.

America’s Buddhist Sister Act

Ashley Baxstrom:  In case you missed it - we’ve already covered that Catholic nuns are having a hard time of it of late, what with the Pope calling them radical and all. But we just wanted to shine another spot of light into all that darkness. Good news under the general heading of...

I’ll Never Grow So Old Again:
Ditching the Drugs But Still Looking for the Transcendence

An exclusive excerpt from Peter Bebergal's Too Much To Dream: A Psychedelic American Boyhood, published last week.  Bebergal will be reading from Too Much at the NYU Bookstore on Wednesday, October 12th, at 5 pm.  Come on by; he'll sign a copy for you.  For more details, click here. By Peter Bebergal In 1882 the...

Dharma Punk

Ann Neumann: What do you get when you mix Buddhism and Punk Rock? Meditate and Destroy.

Brand Name Buddhism

29 January 2006 Melissa Benner eats Tet and keeps clean in Vietnam, where detergent commercials blendBuddhism and advertising.

God Women

Yogmata Japaki, A Buddhist Japanese god woman has buried herself alive in an underground pit to achieve “Samadhi,” or state of complete meditation, in a prayer for world peace and the restoration of natural order in the face of immense natural disasters and worldwide tragedy. Japaki will stayed buried for 72 hours in the samadhi....

Daily Links 26 August 2005

Obsessive-Compulsive Buddhism Emma Snyder on staying clean in a Buddhist monastery: “Over the years, it’s gone through stages, this hand-washing: extreme obsession, mild obsession, personal quirk, obsession again, then just talent, sometimes funny story, sometimes obsession still. It’s been a problem in my life, but also just a trait. I’ve been mentally ill, and also just...

It’s OK When They Say It

Sharlet: CNN may be global, but it sure sounds provincial this morning. I’m watching in the breakfast room of a Holiday Inn in Salida, Colorado, along with two young families and a couple of seniors. Next up: “A Buddhist monk” is going to explain his tradition’s response to the tsunami. Filled with respect, the room...

Daily Links 20 December 2004

Don’t Bum to the Monks Thailand’s National Buddhism Office has proposed that Thai cigarette packs carry an additional consumer warning, that “‘Donating cigarettes to monks is a sin.'” If the Wall Ain’t Broke Florida State Senator Daniel Webster said last week that he is “exploring the possibility” of proposing a constitutional amendment to repeal Florida’s separation of church...

Daily Links 12 November 2004

The Good Reverend and Gay Rights “‘Who succeeded in the great cultural battle over race and rights … those who could use religion to inspire solidarity and self-sacrificial devotion to their cause.'” Joe Crea, of Washington Blade, quotes author David L. Chappell on the function of the church in the civil rights struggle, and whether or not...


Tricycle is the best magazine about Buddhism for non-Buddhists. Most mainstream Buddhist publications mix dry dissections of the teachings with profiles of celebrities who are lately professing Buddhism, but Tricycle goes further, with features and reports on the ongoing mix of Buddhism and American culture. Unfortunately, their site is pretty sparse. TricycleBlog: A blog of all things Buddhist....