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Review: Religion, Science, and Empire

Review: Religion, Science, and Empire

Anand Venkatkrishnan reviews Religion, Science, and Empire by Peter Gottschalk.

Ugandan Anti-Homosexual Violence

At the last minute Friday night, Brenda Namigadde, an activist from Uganda, was granted a reprieve by the UK from deportation.  She had already boarded a plane bound for Uganda. Targeted by the Ugandan paper Rolling Stone as a lesbian, along with one hundred other gay and lesbian activists -- one of which, David Kato, was...

Church of Scientology: Who You Callin’ Stupid?

A British councillor twittered while passing a Church of Scientology that he wanted to hurry by before "the stupid rubs off."  Ouch.

Britain is a Christian Nation.

Richard Bartholomew at Talk to Action looks across the pond to the increasing connections between conservative British politicians and evangelicals, pointing us to a number of recent British articles that map organizational and financial support offered to the Tories this election cycle by "pro-family," corporate, and blatantly Christian organizations. Writes Jamie Doward for

The Culture War Over There.

Ann Neumann: “Nationalist, socially conservative, suspicious of markets, critical of Islam, authoritarian.” Sarah Posner points us to a new Guardian article by Andrew Brown on the British Religious Right and compares it to our own. One difference? More diversity.

Nobody Cares For You Like I Do.

Ann Neumann: Tired of being a persecuted Christian? Rowan Williams’ got your back!The Archbishop of Canterbury spoke during his Easter sermon about the “strange mixture of contempt and fear” of Christians in British society, evidenced by the push for “euthanasia.” But I’d watch his motives if I were you: Williams and the Catholic Church are about...

Free Blasphemy

07 February 2006 Just days after the British parliament dealt a blow to the “Racial and Religious Hatred Bill,” long contested by an unlikely coalition of free speech advocates and conservative religious groups claiming that the bill would criminalize their faith and arguing that blasphemy laws on the books (which, incidentally, protect only the Christian...

U.K. Religious Hatred Bill Fails

01 February 2006 Britain’s “religious hatred bill,” which has been criticized for over a year by an unlikely coalition of Christian and Muslim groups, civil libertarians, atheists and comics, suffered a major defeat yesterday as absenteeism and abstentions on the part of Labour Party supporters allowed the government bill to fail and a substantially revised version...

Thoughts for the Day

10 January 2006 “Thought for the Day,” a three-minute BBC segment that, for 36 years, has been allotted for religious perspectives on topical issues, may soon be opened up to secular contributors after years of lobbying by the British National Secular Society. While some, like the editorial board ofThe Telegraph, argue for continuing the religious requirements on...

It’s Good to Be Rich

“For years [British] churches criticised Conservative governments and Baroness Thatcher. Now their views more closely reflect her famous comment that ‘no one would remember the Good Samaritan if he only had good intentions. He had money as well.'” The British Times reports that an umbrella organization of mainstream British churches has embraced “free market economics.” The news...

Daily Links 17 December 2004

Just Like a Greek Tragedy Not content with proving the existence of God, Google aims to recreate His mind. Mob Morality Stoner jokes about biblical precedents for wedding-party hook-ups; a Catholic comic speculating on her “get-out-of-hell-free card”; Will and Grace’s shallow materialist Karen musing about transforming an historic church into a gay bar; a Scrubs character telling his fiancee it “sucks” that...