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Daily Links: Some More Queer Stuff

Daily Links: Some More Queer Stuff

Hello homosexuality, goodbye God.

Assimilation Nation

“‘What’s happening now in the Islamic community is very similar to what was happening in the 1920s and ’30s…with the Jewish community.'” No, not persecution. Cultural assimilation, via the Boy Scouts of America, the requirements of which — an adherence to faith and what director of the organization’s relationship describes as religious ideas, such as...

Daily Links 16 November 2004

From Prophetic to Prosaic Last June, the National Association of Evangelicals’ draft of new political guidelines for Christian civic engagement was rumored to be groundbreaking document that foretold a radicalevangelical shift to the left. A closer reading of the draft made this interpretation seem far-fetched: the old culture war issues would still trump the more “progressive”...