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Enemies Within: AP reporters versus the state

Enemies Within: AP reporters versus the state

Jared Malsin reviews Matt Apuzzo and Adam Goldman’s book Enemies Within: Inside the NYPD's Secret Spying Unit and bin Laden's Final Plot Against America

The Bestselling Christian Books of 2010

Thomas Nelson Publishers decided to tally up the 100 bestselling Christian books of 2010 (they used proprietary software; don't try this at home).  While Thomas Hyatt, TN's chairman and CEO, posted the entire list at his website, we're going to take you up to only number 11 here because we're a little fascinated with the...

What’s a Nice Jewish Girl to Do?

“How a beautiful, artistic, well-to-do Jewish girl became, by turns, a hippie and still later a fundamentalist Christian makes for a fascinating chapter in the story of postwar Jewish identity.” Paul Zakrzewski reviews Assembling My Father in Forward.

Blind Absence

French-Moroccan writer Tahar Ben Jelloun recently won the $120,000 IMPAC Dublin literary award for his novel, This Blinding Absence of Light, the story of a Moroccan political prisoner who maintains his sanity by memorizing the Quran. BBC, AP, Reuters, and much of American and European press neglect the novel’s Islamic themes.