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In The News: Breaking Bad, Thanksgivukkah, The Vatican, George Bernard Shaw & much more

In The News: Breaking Bad, Thanksgivukkah, The Vatican, George Bernard Shaw & much more

A round-up of recent religion & media news.
Who's Hot, Who's Not, Fundamentalism Edition

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not, Fundamentalism Edition

By Jeff Sharlet Rick Warren's real conribution to American evangelicalism is the perfection of the humble-brag.

Advertising Patriotism

The Forsyth Area Critical Thinkers (FACT) and the Forsyth County Chapter of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State have erected a billboard along Billy Graham Parkway in Charlotte, North Carolina. It shows an American flag with the text, "One Nation Indivisible."  "Under God" has been explicitly left out, says a spokesman,...

Within His Timeline

Billy Graham's children may not agree where he'll give his next - and likely last - sermon: in a Charlotte stadium or in a chair with a video camera. But the elderly evangelical patriarch thinks he's got one more in him.
Ruth Graham told the AP that her father "is doing great" and that...

Ad Nauseum

28 December 2005 Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI; Terri Schiavo and faith-based helping after Katrina; the exploding number of church schisms over homosexuality; Intelligent Design, the Ten Commandments, Harriet Miers, the Vatican’s gay ban, and Billy Graham’s visit to heathen New York. All the stories you heard too much about are back with...

Billy Graham Has Nice-Looking Posters

25 June 2005 Sharlet: Billy Graham is back in New York City, for one last crusade. Cue the nostalgia; cue the clouds of forgetting. The press has been beyond adulatory, with only a nod toward’s Graham’santi-Semitic past from the NYT‘s Laurie Goodstein and the predictable snark from the little papers. It wasn’t always so simple for Graham, who, for a...

Daily Links 23 November 2004

Scalia v. History Jeff Sharlet: My colleague Kathryn Joyce, who posted the item below about Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s imaginative ideas about church and state, has a dry sense of humor. I, meanwhile, am the type to belabor the obvious. Just in case anyone didn’t get it: Either Scalia is off his rocker, or New York Newsday, which...

Daily Links 19 November 2004

Crowds Irate at Seer’s Failure to Die A Hindu seer, chief cleric of the Sriguru Ashram in east India, was berated by a crowd of 15,000, for failing to die after having declared that his soul would leave his body between 6 am and noon on Wednesday, in a “‘death by will’” miracle. When asked...