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In The News: Is Santa White? Is the Pope a Marxist? What's a Christian Hipster?

In The News: Is Santa White? Is the Pope a Marxist? What’s a Christian Hipster?

A round-up of recent religion & media news.

A Very Perry Christmas

Ashley Baxstrom:  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Christmas tree lots sprouting up like weeds, Christmas lights hung on trees in every wannabe-hip-neighborhood in the five boroughs, a whole new set of Christmas displays in the Macy’s windows. And of course, the turtledove on top:  pundits and politicians decrying the "War on Christmas." There...

Bill O’Reilly v. Liberal Jews

04 January 2006 “Are U.S. Jews really worried the Christian right is trying to control the country?” That’s the thoroughly disingenuous question Bill O’Reilly proposes for his “The O’Reilly Factor” show tonight, upon which he’ll interview Reform Rabbi James Rudin, a long-time adviser on interreligious, especially Jewish-Catholic, relations, and recent author of a less optomistic book,The Baptizing of America: The...