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In the News: Biomemes, Voodoo, Elie Wiesel and more!

In the News: Biomemes, Voodoo, Elie Wiesel and more!

A round-up of recent religion and media stories in the news.
A Generation in Play: Israel, Palestine and the New Evangelicals

A Generation in Play: Israel, Palestine and the New Evangelicals

Maurice Chammah investigates ruptures in the traditionally steadfast American Evangelical support for Israel.
Noah: Story and Medium

Noah: Story and Medium

David Morgan gives us a picture of what's really going on with literalist objections to the new movie "Noah."

Analogue Media and the Politics of Print Nostalgia

Angela Zito:  The Bible as a book, printed, physically available for Christian devotion, remains a powerful and contested artifact in this digital age.  Just winding up its US tour, a traveling exhibition of the Bible in China—entitled “Thy Word is Truth: the Bible Ministry Exhibition of the Protestant Church in China”—might have slipped my notice....

Biblical Sex:
Interpreting the Good Book’s Laws

Unprotected Texts:  The Bible's Surprising Contradictions About Sex and Desire, by Jennifer Wright Knust (HarperOne, 2011) by Natasja Sheriff If you listen to the rhetoric of the more vocal proponents of conservative Christianity, you would be forgiven for believing that the Bible contains clear instruction on sexual conduct and morality.  You might be less inclined to...

Frey Takes Jesus to the Highs and Lows
of New York

The Final Testament of The Holy Bible, by James Frey (Gagosian Gallery, 2011) by Mara Einstein With only a handful of shows left, Oprah has selected James Frey—yes, the same James Frey she publicly humiliated for “lying” in his memoir A Million Little Pieces (after making it a bestseller)—to be among the chosen few to...

Allah’s Name

Zeinab Yusuf Saiwalla: In Muslim majority Malaysia, the government recently refused to allow the distribution of tens of thousands of bibles that were printed in the country’s main language – Bahasa Malaysia. The controversy is not new; in 2009 the Malaysian Home Ministry prosecuted The Herald, Malaysia's sole Catholic publication, and threatened it with the...

Happy Birthday, KJV!

Elissa Lerner: The King James Bible is celebrating its 400th birthday this year, and judging from the British press, it looks like the festivities will be around all year, although mostly in England. For all you King James enthusiasts out there (and really, who's into the ASV these days anyway?) here are some choice...

Masking Huck’s Lesson

A new version of Huckleberry Finn has been issued; throughout, nigger is replaced with slave.  From The Autobiography of Mark Twain, posted at Newsweek:
“Do you banish all books that are likely to defile young morals, or do you stop with Huck?” “We do not discriminate; we banish all that are hurtful to young...

Sam Brownback Is A Fruit

02 February 2006 On biblical literacy, bigotry, the price of grain, real estate in Tbilisi, free market cheetahs, and the secret work of committees. By Jeff Sharlet Although he’s firmly opposed to both homosexuality and crude slurs such as “fruit,” Senator Sam Brownback won’t mind me saying he is one. That’s because the senator uses...

How to Read the Bible

31 January 2006 Marc Zvi Brettler, Brandeis University professor of biblical literature and author of How to Read the Bible, speaks with NPR’s Terry Gross about reading the Bible with “the historical-critical approach,” and viewing it as an anthology that “speaks in multiple voices on profound issues,” rather than a perfect, and cryptic whole.

Forgiving Eye for the “Part of God’s Plan” Guy

12 January 2006 The Times Online reports on a proposed campaign among Vatican officials to perform an extreme makeover on one of the Bible’s worst baddies: the ultimate betrayer, Judas Iscariot. Under the proposal, Judas would be redeemed through a “re-reading” of his story by Vatican scholars, who hope to reconcile his betrayal and Jesus’ “‘apparent...