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In the News: Calligraphy, Coens, a Caffeinated Casket and much more!

In the News: Calligraphy, Coens, a Caffeinated Casket and much more!

A round-up of recent religion news.

More Tea, Vicar? A review of BBC’s “Rev”

by Abhimanyu Das The Church of England inhabits a unique place in this busy trafficking of religious stereotypes. They're the Church that's known for being, well, not that religious.

Culture Cringe

08 February 2006 The BBC’s otherwise invaluable digest on Religion and Ethics has been accused of having an “evident cultural cringe,” when it came to explaining Islam. The site’s page on Islam, charged a former executive, reads like it was written by a devout Muslim, stating as fact that Mohammed met with an angel: a stark contrast from...

Thoughts for the Day

10 January 2006 “Thought for the Day,” a three-minute BBC segment that, for 36 years, has been allotted for religious perspectives on topical issues, may soon be opened up to secular contributors after years of lobbying by the British National Secular Society. While some, like the editorial board ofThe Telegraph, argue for continuing the religious requirements on...

Voodoo Fest

09 January 2006 How do you do the voodoo? The BBC features a reader forum on whether voodoo is good or evil, on the eve of the annual voodoo festival in Benin, where 60% of the population practices the religion. Not an empirical fact to be found, but a good bit of first-hand belief (mostly from those who don’t...