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Global Evangelicals: Prudes vs. Oppressed

Abby Ohlheiser: As some in the media try to speculate on the role of religion in the GOP primaries and the 2012 elections, Pew and Gallup are polling for a clue. But a separate Pew poll last week caught my eye: a survey of 2,196 leaders (representing 166 countries) of evangelical leaders...

The Only Female Catholic Priest in New York

Read Revealer Jo Piazza's latest on Gabriella Velardi Ward, a 63 year-old self-described Roman Catholic Woman Priest and her home church, Praxedis, at WSJ's Metropolis

Fake Christians

So what exactly is an authentic Christian?  And who decides?

Our Failed Democratic Experiment

Democracy?  Meh.  We gave it a shot and look what we got:  legalized abortion, gay marriage and welfare.  Time to return the government to a Catholic monarchy, says Michael Voris in a video for RealCatholicTV, posted at Richard Dawkins' site.  But don't watch the video for its call to "limit the vote to faithful...

Ca-razy for Kabbalah

David Klinghoffer writes erudite but peculiar books. In one, he recalled his teenage self-circumcision as part of a “conversion” experience (to “real” Judaism). In his more recent effort, The Discovery of God, he writes of “the Master of the Universe holding in His hand the desiccated member of [Abraham].” In other words, Klinghoffer, a frequent contributor to The...