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In the News: Biomemes, Voodoo, Elie Wiesel and more!

In the News: Biomemes, Voodoo, Elie Wiesel and more!

A round-up of recent religion and media stories in the news.
The Sunday Assembly: Time for a Religion Free Megachurch Revival?

The Sunday Assembly: Time for a Religion Free Megachurch Revival?

Becky Garrison explores what's really going on with the growth of atheist churches.
In the News: The Pope, Indian Art & Advertising, Putin & More

In the News: The Pope, Indian Art & Advertising, Putin & More

A round-up of religion in the recent news.
Hey Religion Writers: You're Doing it Again!

Hey Religion Writers: You’re Doing it Again!

by Amy Levin For those bizarre folks who follow, track, analyze, or write about religion and media, it is high time you give up these 5 tired tropes.
Atheism vs Religion: The Final Countdown?

Atheism vs Religion: The Final Countdown?

What’s missing here, and in so many similar arguments, is that religion works.

Science or Academic Atheism?

Amy Levin:  What happens when we give scientists the authority to speak about God? This was my first question when I discovered Jonathan Pararajasingham’s recent video compilation called “50 Famous Academics and Scientists Talk About God.” It's posted on Open Culture and the list of those featured includes 16 Nobel prize winners, including a...

Atheism vs Religion:
Take 253: Matthew Chapman’s The Ledge

by S. Brent Plate Before you've even heard of this film, Bill Donohue has, once again, given it a ratings boost by rebuffing it on the Catholic League website. In between press releases on "Bishop Blasted over Gay Marriage" and "New York Times is Gay Crazy," is a little piece blasting Matthew Chapman's film The...

The Burden of Disbelief

From a review by The Washington Post's Hank Stuever of  "The Sunset Limited," a new HBO show written by Cormac McCarthy:
The bigger revelation here is Jones, in total sync with McCarthy's words, bringing an understated, heavy-sigh sadness to the role of White. His burden of disbelief feels more real than Black's insistence on a...

Reconciling Faith and Science

Andrew Dermont at Big Think writes us to point out their new series, "Believe it or not," of video interviews with atheists on the possibility of reconciling religion and science. Those interviewed include Karen Armstrong, Lionel Tiger, Richard Dawkins, James Randi, and Rebecca Newberger Goldstein. You can view the series here....

Universism In a Nutshell

Stephanie Simon of The Los Angeles Times profiles the non-prophet founder of a new, doubt-filled religion — Universism — Ford Vox (who also runs the online forum for the 8,000-member faith, Universist Forum: History in the Making). In a piece that Vox, in his forum, declared largely accurate, Simon described Universism as an attempt at...

The Atheist-Pagan-Nazi-Wahhabi Alliance v. Motherland

After a group of Russian atheists called for the Constitutional Court to remove a reference to God from the national anthem, the Union of Orthodox Citizens charged that such a deletion would lead to rioting and civil unrest in Russia similar to recent events in France. The logic behind the charge goes back to last...

Atheist Lobbyist

Atheists get a lobbyist too, in the form of Lori Lipman Brown, former Nevada state senator and the new congressional lobbyist and spokeswoman for The Secular Coalition for America who will be in charge of educating the public on misconceptions about atheists and trying to prevent religion from monopolizing issue debates.