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Daily Links: Pressing Questions Edition

Where is Jesus' foreskin?  Listen to David Farley discuss An Irreverent Curiosity: In Search of the Church's Strangest Relic in Italy's Oddest Town on NPR's Rick Steve Show. Does Daddy Know Best?  Ann Pellegrini on the nature of recent attempts to further limit women's privacy and reproductive choice. Are imagination and science really at war? An excerpt...

Immoral Halloween Temptations

Amy Levin: Last week, rushing through the Atlantic-Pacific terminal in Brooklyn, I passed my usual underground subway Jesus cheerleader, warning passersby about anything from the apocalypse to the dangers of evolution. Normally I take their pamphlets - I figure if you study religion, you might as well look twice when it’s standing right in front...

Marketing Mormons

The Revealer's own Ann Pellegrini, professor of religious and performance studies at NYU, talked to Fox News' Lauren Green about the new ad campaign designed to put a good face on Mormons.