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The Longest Hunger Strike

The Longest Hunger Strike

By Ann Neumann There are two places in the U.S. where you can be fed against your will: a Catholic hospital and a prison.
Daily Links: Unscrupulous Scribes

Daily Links: Unscrupulous Scribes

Orientalism, feminism, sexism, hedonism and beauty.
Daily Links: Off the Wagon Edition

Daily Links: Off the Wagon Edition

Ok, they're not daily but they are really good links to stuff you should be reading!
Struggle for Acceptance: Media Visibility and Minority Religion

Struggle for Acceptance: Media Visibility and Minority Religion

Our very own Ann Neumann, editor of The Revealer, was interviewed by Stephanie Whiteside for her piece, "Struggle for Acceptance: Media Visibility and Minority Religion."

Daily Links: What Social Contract? Edition

Jim Davis on the death of a predatory priest. Amy Levin on liberalism and feminism. The Immanent Frame's fantastic "Politics of Religious Freedom" series. Catholics roll up their sleeves over a Wendell Berry lecture. Hasidic Jews trying to stay out of court. Rowan Williams on the blood market.

Daily Links: Grand Jury Duty Blues

I'm three weeks down, one to go.  Serving justice in Brooklyn has kept me quiet, but here's what I'm reading between testimonials: Jane Iwamura at The Scoop on Tupac's undead appearance at Coachella. One wonders if Mark Oppenheimer just didn't have any critical thinking to apply to his recent review of Ross Douthat's new book,...

Intubated Women, Catholic Health Care and What it Means to be Alive

The Catholic Church understands far better than patients’ rights advocates do how religion, gender and sexuality work in society. If the debate about health care were focused on men’s bodies, the Church understands there would be a resounding call to make their hospitals subject to legal and medical standards. But because it’s about...

The Gender & Sexual Politics of End of Life Care, April 10

I'll be on a panel with the amazing Susan Gerbino, Amber Hollibaugh, Ai-Jen Poo and Robert Campbell on April 10.  Come say hi. The Gender and Sexual Politics of End of Life Care April 10, Tuesday 6 to 8 pm Performance Studies Studio 21 Broadway, 6th Floor, Room 612

Daily Links: Big Fat Tolerance Edition

Russian gay extremists; Patronizing employers; A Brownback woman; Jesus' juice; Milquetoast Patel; Other, the world's 12th religion; Liberty wolves; ideology-smashing samaritan; Damn anarchists; Government by any other name (like the presidency); Tolerance ponies.

“Religion Behind the Headlines” Panel, March 20

Come see me, Paul Raushenbush (HuffPo), Laurie Goodstein (NYT), Bruce Clarke (Economist) and others discuss the state of religion in the media on March 20th at 4:30 at NYU's Rosenthal Pavilion.  Here's a description:
A moderated panel discussion with leading journalists and broadcasters on issues and trends around they way in which religious identities and communities are...

The Conscience Clause:
It’s Not Just About 750,000 Hospital Employees

There's much more at stake in the discussion about conscience clauses than who gets the bill for the pill. By Ann Neumann On January 20th Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced that contraception would be covered free-of-charge in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), the Obama administration's stifled, delayed-release attempt at reforming health...

Meet Me In New Jersey

Tomorrow I'll be giving the Humanities Forum talk at Stevens Institue of Technology.  You should come by.  "How We die: The Religious and Social Politics of Dying in America."