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Pussy Riot: Do They Have a Prayer?

Pussy Riot: Do They Have a Prayer?

Amy Levin: The Russians are. . .rioting! They’re also coming to church and going to jail.
Old Lands, New Gospels: The Science of Happiness in Uganda

Old Lands, New Gospels: The Science of Happiness in Uganda

by Amy Levin: Ever since Madonna and Tom Cruise carried the banner for Kabbalah and Scientology, respectively, New Religious Movements began frequenting the proverbial red carpet in religion news coverage more than ever before.
Hey Religion Writers: You're Doing it Again!

Hey Religion Writers: You’re Doing it Again!

by Amy Levin For those bizarre folks who follow, track, analyze, or write about religion and media, it is high time you give up these 5 tired tropes.
Atheism as Speech Act: The Ex-Clergy Movement and Confessional Culture

Atheism as Speech Act: The Ex-Clergy Movement and Confessional Culture

Amy Levin: They say there’s a fine line between belief and non-belief, but for those whose job depends on that line, the difference is about as great as the distance from Jesus to, well, sin.
34 Years to Find a Mormon Voice

34 Years to Find a Mormon Voice

By Amy Levin We hear about the black vote, we hear about the Mormon vote, but we seldom-to-never hear about the black Mormon vote (or black Mormons at all, for that matter).

Daily Links: What Social Contract? Edition

Jim Davis on the death of a predatory priest. Amy Levin on liberalism and feminism. The Immanent Frame's fantastic "Politics of Religious Freedom" series. Catholics roll up their sleeves over a Wendell Berry lecture. Hasidic Jews trying to stay out of court. Rowan Williams on the blood market.

Preaching Out of the Closet

Amy Levin: It’s barely been a day and President Barack Obama’s personal endorsement (belief? affirmation? slow and agonizing compromise?) of same-sex marriage in an interview with ABC’s Robin Robert’s has spread like wildfire across the news, blog, and twitter spheres. Obama’s comments came just a day after North Carolina passed a ban...

Taboo Dinner Party Talk

Amy Levin: “Aren’t these topics the very ones your mother warned you never to raise at a dinner party?” asks Marie Griffith, editor of the new online magazine, Religion & Politics. With its boasted tagline, “Fit for Polite Company,” Griffith, the current director of the John C. Danforth Center on Religion & Politics...

Laurel Snyder’s Jewish Dreams of Trees

Amy Levin: Jewish parents today have their pick of ethically themed children’s books with just-enough-but-not-too-much religion. But there’s something refreshingly unique about Laurel Snyder’s new book, Good Night, Laila Tov. Snyder’s tale follows two children on an outdoor family vacation, replete with camping on the beach, walking in fields full of berries, and the...

Happy Birthday Zionism

Amy Levin: Given that today and tomorrow mark two extremely important national holidays in Israel beginning with Yom Hazikaron, the day of remembrance for Israeli soldiers, followed by Yom HaAtzmaut, Israel’s independence day, it seems fitting to bring the timeless debate over Zionism to the virtual table. This week, Huffpost Religion is publishing...

I’m Not Religious, I Just Love Meditation

Amy Levin:  While the image of Oprah endorsing transcendental meditation is about as banal as a priest offering the sacrament, the Queen of the New-Age spiritual marketplace has sold spirituality to those in her pews again. Oprah’s bricolage-like church offered this week’s sermon via her show Next Chapter on the OWN network: transcendental meditation...

Ads for Secular (Liberal) Catholics

Amy Levin: The New York Times committed a liberal faux pas last month. As if they'd forgotten just how controversial ads can be, they accepted $39,000 from the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) to run a full-page. . .well I’ll just say it, “anti-Catholic” advertisement. The ad features a political cartoon--with a grumpily...