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An Amish Moment

An Amish Moment

Amish books and Amish baseball. Amish are clearly having a moment... again.
Daily Links: Off the Wagon Edition

Daily Links: Off the Wagon Edition

Ok, they're not daily but they are really good links to stuff you should be reading!

The Amish Get a Graph

Finally! Amish populations, and their recent migration westward for affordable land, got USA Today's graphics department busy. Jeff Martin writes that the population of the notoriously "plain" Anabaptists has grown 5% in the past year to total a whopping (almost) quarter-million.  Cheap land is the new cause for wandering among the Amish...

Leave It To The Amish

Ok, conservatives can hate the Amish all they want for their exemption from the health care mandate. The rest of us love them -- as the funniest DailyKos poster, Bill in Portland Maine, notes -- for their ability to manage disaster, even hypothetically:
"As you English might say, it was no big deal,"...

28 July 2004 Daily Links

National Review readers loved Barack Obama’s DNC speech because, they claim, it was conservative — as evidence, they offer among other points Obama’s reference to an “awesome God.” Liberal blogger Daily Kos, however, points out that “there’s nothing conservative about citing God (unless Republicans are ready to welcome Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson into their fold). Conservatives...