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Enemies Within: AP reporters versus the state

Enemies Within: AP reporters versus the state

Jared Malsin reviews Matt Apuzzo and Adam Goldman’s book Enemies Within: Inside the NYPD's Secret Spying Unit and bin Laden's Final Plot Against America

America Has a Muslim Problem

Mary Slossen, a fellow at the USC Annenberg School for Communication Journalism blogs at their site, The Scoop, that recently proposed government hearings on the radicalization of American Muslim communities will only hinder the established cooperation these communities have with law enforcement groups, both local and federal.  In addition to needlessly singling out Muslim...

Tie Your Camel.

The problem with the Justice Department’s investigation of American Muslim Council directorAbdurrahman Alamoudi, writes Shahed Amanullah and Aslam Abdullah, is that American Muslims didn’t think of it first. Is Alamoudi’s arrest part of an Ashcroftianwitchhunt? Perhaps, but that doesn’t mean Alamoudi isn’t at least guilty of lousy leadership, unless there’s some “Successories” that advises one to take under-the-table cash from anonymous...