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Boko Haram in National Perspective

By Alex Thurston Violence by Boko Haram, a rebel sect in Northern Nigeria that claims to be waging an Islamic jihad against the Nigerian state, has killed over 900 people since 2009, including over 250 in 2012 alone. Domestic and international analysts...

Identity, Crisis: Shari’a Law in Nigerian Politics

by Alex Thurston In 1999, Nigeria made global headlines when Northern states began re-implementing “full shari’a,” i.e. Islamic law codes that included criminal penalties for acts like theft, adultery, and drinking alcohol. The shari’a project in Northern Nigeria caused further controversy when...
Ahbash Rising: Religious Freedom in Ethiopia, Part 2

Ahbash Rising: Religious Freedom in Ethiopia, Part 2

Protests in Ethiopia could have profound ramifications for Muslim-state relations in Ethiopia and beyond, writes Alex Thurston in the second of two posts on Ethiopia's Muslims.