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Rewriting Indian Legends

Rewriting Indian Legends

Meera Subramanian The people on the streets of Delhi, are saying: We won’t disappear.

Fresh Brains for Zombie Buddha!

Killing the -- god for the godless, cheaper than church, Allah in the family -- rises from the grave, again. The website Peter Manseau, Jeremy Brothers and I founded in 2000, declared dead once and for all after numerous resurrections during the last two years, marches back onto the internet like a zombie...

Best Religion Writing of 2008

Jeff Sharlet: Links to my favorite religion stories of 2008.
Sweeping Air

Sweeping Air

From Varanasi, India, Meera Subramanian’s inner pragmatist ponders the meaning of strength and devotion as she witnesses the Hindu ritual of aarti.
What I'm Reading

What I’m Reading

Good reads pulled from The Los Angeles Review of Books, The Nation, The Paris Review, The Revealer and elsewhere.

What Happened to The Revealer?

The Revealer has become awfully opaque of late, a static page of rarely renewed writing. That's because I've turned my energies back toward my first internet love, I hope Revealer readers will join me there. It's like The Revealer-plus, and then some.

I'll continue to occasionally blog about religion and media, along...

Yoga’s Bondage

Amy Levin:  For most of us, it’s hard to wrap our heads around yoga - yes, this thing everyone is talking about, but also the details about how it got here, where it came from, and what the big deal is. Yoga has become such a part of our vernacular, and yet we seem to...

Buzzards Circle Reagan’s Roost

By Meera Subramanian:A visit to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in Southern California reveals the stone fa

The Real Truth About Alien Abductions

The over-drugged and under-loved make their own way in the world, even when the FBI tries to make them forget.

By Marissa Kantor

Numbing the senses can be glorious. Just ask some of the members of Fellowship Place, a psycho-social club in New Haven for adults living with severe and persistent mental illness. You can always pick...