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Serious, detailed news coverage of all things religion. The RNS blog offers a helpful daily roundup of religion news from a variety of sources.

Religion Dispatches

Smart, reliable news coverage and commentary on the latest issues facing religion.



Published quarterly by Catholics for Choice, this “Newsjournal of Catholic Opinion” reminds us that Catholic voices are myriad and not always in line with the Vatican.

Religion news aggregators:

Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life: Religion News on the Web

A daily-updated selection of religion stories from major publications.

Religion Review

Religion stories from a mix of international sources, not as rigidly screened, organized by religion.

Publications’ religion blogs and websites:

Dallas Morning News Religion Blog

Newspaper’s religion blog with Texas-centric focus.

Huffington Post Religion

Huffington Post contributors offer commentary on religion in the news.

Reuters FaithWorld

Quality coverage on issues of religion, faith and ethics.

St. Louis Today: Civil Religion

Reflection on diverse spiritual and cultural issues from this St. Louis website.

The Guardian Comment is Free: Belief

Worthwhile commentary from a wide range of contributors.

Times Online: Articles of Faith by Ruth Gledhill

Times’ religion correspondent addresses the latest in religion news.

USA Today Faith and Reason

Religion beat reporter Cathy Lynn Grossman’s take on happenings in the world of religion. Readers share their own opinions in the Faith and Reason Forum.

Washington Post On Faith

Reliably moderate commentary on religion. Noteworthy ‘Twiturgy’ feature, which aggregates twitter feed from the country’s popular pastors.

Sites linked to academic or research institutions:

States of Devotion

A publication of NYU’s Hemispheric Institute as part of their “Religion and Politics” project, edited by Ann Pellegrini

The Immanent Frame

The Social Science Research Council’s blog on secularism, religion and the public sphere. Check out the SSRC report on “the new landscape of the religion blogosphere.”

Spiritual Politics

Mark Silk’s blog on religion and American political culture, published by the Leonard E. Greenberg Center for the Study of Religion in Public Life at Trinity College.

The Scoop

Sharp, relevant commentary on religion and the media from Diane Winston, the Knight Chair in Media and Religion at USC.

religion publications online:

Christianity Today LiveBlog

Commentary on news relevant to the Evangelical world. Also check out: Christianity Today politics blog for coverage and commentary on current political issues of interest to evangelicals.

Church Times blog

Anglican weekly newspaper’s cartoonist offers lively commentary on current events.

Commonweal Magazine blog, dotCommonweal

This Catholic opinion journal and its blog, dotCommonweal, focus on religion, politics and culture.

National Catholic Reporter: All Things Catholic

Weekly column providing extensive explanation of current issues in the Catholic community.

New Humanist Magazine: Blog

This daily blog from the magazine for free thinkers explores issues related to humanism, rationalism, and atheism.

Tablet Magazine

Daily online “newspaper-magazine-blog hybrid” provides, among other things, reactions to news stories affecting the Jewish community.

The Church of England Newspaper blog

Roundup of latest news affecting the Christian community with commentary.

The Forward

The online home of the legendary weekly Jewish newspaper.

The Jewish Week

The latest in Jewish news and opinion.


This quarterly Buddhist review explores traditions and practices, and the editors share news and teachings in their blog.

Websites you shouldn’t miss:

Alt Muslim

Website offering “global perspectives on Muslim life, politics, and culture,” features links to current news stories and also offers more detailed commentary.

God Discussion

Commentary on current religion news “for seekers who don’t go to church.”

Killing The Buddha

A religion magazine that takes faith seriously, our sister site was co-founded by Jeff Sharlet.

Muslim Matters BlogNews

‘News & Views’ section links to articles of note with a bit of commentary, BlogNews section offers discussion of today’s issues.

Science and Religion Today

Insightful discussion of the unavoidable intersection of religion and science.

Noteworthy blogs:

Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion

Richard Bartholomew offers well-researched and insightful commentary on the religion news missed by the mainstream.

Beliefnet’s Belief Beat blog

Journalist Nicole Neroulias dissects the religion headlines and provides detailed analysis of what different outlets are saying.

Bene Diction Blogs On

Canadian blog deftly explains and analyzes current religion news stories.

Bible Belt Blogger

Detailed coverage of religion news provided daily by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s religion editor Frank Lockwood.

Bill’s “Faith Matters” Blog

Former Kansas City Star Faith Columnist Bill Tammeus offers his perspective on current events and posts links to relevant articles on religion and ethics.

Blogging Religiously

Religion writer Gary Stern provides commentary on religion news and trends “in the Lower Hudson Valley and beyond.”

Faith in Public Life

Commentary on people of faith’s involvement with political and social issues, as well as the implications of those issues for the faith community.


Links to relevant news articles and video clips, insightful discussion of current stories involving Islam, particularly in the United States.

Monkey Mind

James Ishmael Ford’s daily reflections on religion, politics and culture.

Religion Clause

Detailed daily posts presenting and discussing the latest in U.S. church/state relations from professor of law emeritus at the University of Toledo Howard M. Friedman.

The God Blog

A mix of pop culture references and witty insight into the world of religion.

Wild Hunt

Commentary and analysis on news articles with the larger goal of exploring “how modern Pagan faiths are represented within the mainstream media.”

Longtime Revealer favorites:

Against the Grain

The work of the creator of the “Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club.” For real.

Catholic Sensibility

A Lay Catholic perspective on current events.


The Revealer likes Disputations’ motto – “For true and false will in no better way be revealed and uncovered than in resistance to a contradiction.” (St. Thomas Aquinas) – so much that it has been on our revolving carousel of “revelations” for years now.

Jew School

Progressive Jewish views on news, culture and politics.

Shrine of the Holy Whapping

“Catholic Nerds” writing about Catholic culture and life in general.

The Curt Jester

Former Atheist and current Catholic Jeff Miller, presents a “hopefully humorous and sometimes serious take on things religious, political, and whatever else crosses my mind.”

Whispers in the Loggia

Rocco Palma divulges the latest news in global Catholicism, accompanied by lengthy discussion and analysis.

On the lookout:

Buzz Machine

CUNY Journalism professor Jeff Jarvis’ take on the media today.

Get Religion

Holding media accountable for its coverage of religion.

Media Matters blog

A blog from media watchdog group Media Matters “covering the news and progressive media criticism.”

Muslimah Media Watch

Media forum “where we, as Muslim women, can critique how our images appear in the media and popular culture.”



More inspirational than purely educational, but still a good starting point for finding information on religion.

Television and Radio programming:

PBS Religion and Ethics Newsweekly

NPR Religion

American Public Media: Radio Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett

Beyond the Pale

Freedom From Religion Foundation: FreeThought radio and podcast


State of Belief

Resources for writers:

Religion Newswriters Association

Religion Source

Religion Writers