Daily Links: Guns, Gays, and Diabetes

Daily Links: Guns, Gays, and Diabetes

Daily Links: Some More Queer Stuff

Daily Links: Some More Queer Stuff

Hello homosexuality, goodbye God.
Daily Links: Brave Old World Edition

Daily Links: Brave Old World Edition

What we're consuming.
Schradle's Links: God's Wrath Edition

Schradle’s Links: God’s Wrath Edition

By Nathan Schradle What's going on in the world today that's evoked God's wrath? Lots of things, it turns out.
Schradle's Links: Bask in the Reflected Glory of our Media Relevance Edition

Schradle’s Links: Bask in the Reflected Glory of our Media Relevance Edition

Nathan Schradle Religious leaders are learning that they will be held accountable, to such an extent that they attempt to anticipate The Revealer's every move!

Conversion Time?

08 April 2010 Ann Neumann: “The hierarchy, not the faith, is in jeopardy. The pope need not resign. He must do something far more difficult: convert. ” — Special Olympics chairman Timothy Shriver, in a Washington Post op-ed on the Catholic Church’s sexual abuse scandal. (h/t Religion News Service)

An Authentic Christian.

08 April 2010 Ann Neumann: Daniel Burke writes that Obama “bared his soul” at an Easter service on Tuesday, held after a meeting with more than a dozen black church leaders. From the article: “For those who are wondering or have doubts about whether he is authentically Christian, I think today’s message puts all doubts to rest,”...

Losing Credibility.

06 April 2010 Ann Neumann: The British media had been impatiently waiting for Anglican Rowan Williams, the notoriously outspoken Archbishop of Canterbury, to kick the Catholic Church while it’s down in the mire of pedophilia charges; so much so that, according to Bishop Alan, they’ve selected a clip from a recent panel discussion that distorts the...

Passion, Year One

The anniversary of The Passion has arrived, and with it comes the alternate “awards” universe of Christian conservatives determined to right the wrong they believe was visited upon them by the Academy’s apparent indifference to Gibson’s masterpiece. You got that? It was a masterpiece. What’s unfortunate, and revealing, about such responses is that in many regards The Passion was a very good movie....

Aceh’s Orphans

The Indonesian Embassy has had to publically refute the claims of text messages circulating in Singapore, asking Muslim parents to adopt orphans from the tsunami-devastated Indonesian province of Aceh. The text messages claim that Christian missionaries want to adopt the Muslim children, and that one Christian organization is “‘willing to take them all.'” An estimated 35,000...