Hey Religion Writers: You're Doing it Again!

Hey Religion Writers: You’re Doing it Again!

by Amy Levin For those bizarre folks who follow, track, analyze, or write about religion and media, it is high time you give up these 5 tired tropes.
Atheism as Speech Act: The Ex-Clergy Movement and Confessional Culture

Atheism as Speech Act: The Ex-Clergy Movement and Confessional Culture

Amy Levin: They say there’s a fine line between belief and non-belief, but for those whose job depends on that line, the difference is about as great as the distance from Jesus to, well, sin.
Telling Trans-Faith Stories

Telling Trans-Faith Stories

by Becky Garrison A report form the 11th Annual Trans-Health Conference in Philadelphia.
The Mediation of Meaning, or Re-Mediating McLuhan

The Mediation of Meaning,
or Re-Mediating McLuhan

by S. Brent Plate Meaning is produced by, in, and through social, political, and economic institutions, cultural and religious forces, technology, education, and human bodily engagement with the physical world.
In Jesus' Name - Right Hook!

In Jesus’ Name – Right Hook!

By Ashley Baxstrom The first rule of Fight Club is, you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is, you talk about Jesus at Fight Club.
Atheism vs Religion: The Final Countdown?

Atheism vs Religion: The Final Countdown?

What’s missing here, and in so many similar arguments, is that religion works.
Little Girls, Future Powerful Women

Little Girls, Future Powerful Women

Mary Valle:  Someone at UCSSB HQ has finally clicked on the links to anti-Girl Scout material on the web (for instance, here and here). 

Preaching Out of the Closet

Amy Levin: It’s barely been a day and President Barack Obama’s personal endorsement (belief? affirmation? slow and agonizing compromise?) of same-sex marriage in an interview with ABC’s Robin Robert’s has spread like wildfire across the news, blog, and twitter spheres. Obama’s comments came just a day after North Carolina passed a ban...

Manufacturing Visions:
A Review of “The Virgin, the Copts and Me”

By Abhimanyu Das Namir Abdel Messeeh's highly entertaining documentary The Virgin, the Copts and Me is a curious beast, a bit like one of those clever New Yorker articles that start off making you think it'll be about Batman but end up being about the tax obligations of the 1%. Only, in this case, it's...

Taboo Dinner Party Talk

Amy Levin: “Aren’t these topics the very ones your mother warned you never to raise at a dinner party?” asks Marie Griffith, editor of the new online magazine, Religion & Politics. With its boasted tagline, “Fit for Polite Company,” Griffith, the current director of the John C. Danforth Center on Religion & Politics...

Laurel Snyder’s Jewish Dreams of Trees

Amy Levin: Jewish parents today have their pick of ethically themed children’s books with just-enough-but-not-too-much religion. But there’s something refreshingly unique about Laurel Snyder’s new book, Good Night, Laila Tov. Snyder’s tale follows two children on an outdoor family vacation, replete with camping on the beach, walking in fields full of berries, and the...

RT if u <3 da Sistas

Ashley Baxstrom: You’ve probably heard at this point about the Vatican’s statement concerning what it considers to be the wayward actions of its sisters in faith. You can refer to The Revealer’s “Radical feminist themes incompatible with the Catholic faith” for the basics, including how nuns were “reprimanded for making public statements that ‘disagree with...