My Friend

By Jacob Glatstein Translated from the Yiddish by Peter Manseau My friend lives a satisfied life. He has a wife who loves him, three blond children, a winter house, a summer home, money tucked away for times of need, and ready aphorisms about the certainty of easy living for decades to come. And I am devoured by jealousy day in, day out. My only certainty...

Month of Valentines

By Stacy Doris Click here to listen to a recording of "Month of Valentines," (audio file) from Paramour.   Stacy Doris, poet (1962-2012). February 18 Memorial details.     (thank you Julie Regan)


By Ashley Baxstrom [caption id="attachment_10496" align="aligncenter" width="614" caption=""Heart to Heart 2" by Angela Zito"][/caption]   #Valentine'sDay was cocoa in a red mug, powdered sugar & strawberries on my pancakes, a note in my lunchbox from mom. Now it's all #DIY.

A Buddhist Valentine

By S. Brent Plate   Love is not a shepherd's crook. I am not the great shepherd Reaching out to pull you in.   You cannot be my valentine. I cannot possess love We can only be possessed by it.   ** Valentine's Day approaches and I am sitting in a room in a Buddhist monastery in the Hudson River Valley of New York. I've come to jump...

The Conscience Clause:
It’s Not Just About 750,000 Hospital Employees

There's much more at stake in the discussion about conscience clauses than who gets the bill for the pill. By Ann Neumann On January 20th Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced that contraception would be covered free-of-charge in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), the Obama administration's stifled, delayed-release attempt at reforming health...

The Russian Orthodox Church:
Public Protest and Elite Politics

By Irina Papkova The Russian Duma elections of December, 2011 contained many surprises, starting of course with the nature of the public reaction. On the eve of the election, almost no one anticipated that blatant falsification of electoral results would spark not just widespread indignation but also the largest mass protests the Russian Federation...

Explaining US Foreign Policy

From an October 2011 article at Human Life International World Watch, a "pro-life and pro-family" organization dedicated to monitoring "anti-life forces operat[ing] under the radar implementing their destructive agenda":
...You would think, in an empty nation like Kazakhstan, there would be groups encouraging peo­ple to have more children, but ex­actly the opposite is the case....

RAW Believer

Peter Bebergal on Robert Anton Wilson, from a post at BoingBoing:
So it is with great respect and admiration that I celebrate the life of Robert Anton Wilson during this memorial week by remembering that he was the great believing skeptic, someone for whom the collection and curating of all that is weird was his...

Our 2012 Spring Events Calendar!

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Women’s Bodies, Mediating the Revolution

From Khaled Fahmy's article, "Women, Revolution, and Army" in the Egyptian Independent:
Ibrahim [Samira Ibrahim, Egyptian woman who successfully sued the army for "subjecting her to a 'virginity test'"] may not be aware that the humiliating virginity test she was subjected to last March in the Hykestep military prison was not the first of its...

Party of the Kingdom of Heaven

An excerpt from Kathryn Harrison's op-ed in the New York Times on Friday about Joan of Arc, the subject of Harrison's forthcoming biography:
Like all holy figures whose earthly existence separates them from the broad mass of humanity, a saint is a story, and Joan of Arc’s is like no other. The self-proclaimed agent of God’s...

The Very Thing That Made It Catholic

From Occupy Catholic, a new "testimony" by Steve Saporito:
I have been separated from the church for a long time, and the fulcrum of that split has always been my understanding of the sermon on the mount as the nexus of Catholic theology.  I saw, from the vantage point of growing up in the church, a...