Mauritania: Islamic Response to the Sahel Drought

By Alex Thurston 9/11 changed the trajectory of Islamic humanitarian agencies in Africa and around the world...The US government suspected some Islamic charities of not really being charities at all, but rather fronts for transnational terrorist funding.
Atheism vs Religion: The Final Countdown?

Atheism vs Religion: The Final Countdown?

What’s missing here, and in so many similar arguments, is that religion works.
He Winketh with His Eyes, He Speaketh with His Feet

He Winketh with His Eyes, He Speaketh with His Feet

Joe McKnight: Walter Wink was, among other things, an outspoken critic of the “biblically-based” homophobia that has long plagued Christianity.
Rumors of Liberation Theology's "Huge Influence" Are Greatly Exaggerated

Rumors of Liberation Theology’s “Huge Influence” Are Greatly Exaggerated

Joe McKnight:  Mark Oppenheimer’s explanation of liberation theology underscores the theology’s fundamental principles which are often wholly overlooked or deliberately maligned by President Obama’s detractors.
Little Girls, Future Powerful Women

Little Girls, Future Powerful Women

Mary Valle:  Someone at UCSSB HQ has finally clicked on the links to anti-Girl Scout material on the web (for instance, here and here). 

Legislating Holy Scripture in Ohio

Ashley Baxstrom:  Ohio just keeps embarrassing the buckeye out of me (and that’s only on Jezebel). I can’t get a break. This week, however, it’s more of a middling sigh-and-shake-my-head feeling than an outright pounding in my temples. The culprit? Anti-abortion demonstrators protesting at the state Capitol. What are they...

Put on your Sunday (Law)suit

Ashley Baxstrom: In squint-at-the-screen-to-be-sure news, The Raw Story reports that a church in Oregon is suing a woman for posting negative reviews on Google. Of course it’s more complicated than that. To review: Julie Anne Smith left the Beaverton Grace Bible Church a few years ago. She claims she and her family were shunned by...

America’s Buddhist Sister Act

Ashley Baxstrom:  In case you missed it - we’ve already covered that Catholic nuns are having a hard time of it of late, what with the Pope calling them radical and all. But we just wanted to shine another spot of light into all that darkness. Good news under the general heading of...

Daily Links: “Which Reminds Me” Edition

Hear Kathryn Joyce, The Revealer's former managing editor, talk about personhood bills, the Quiverfull movement, and the patriarchy movement here, on Tulsa public radio. Nicole Neroulias writes at The Scoop that despite common reporting, same sex marriage is about a lot more than religion. Yesterday the USCCB spelled out exactly...

Playing Amendment One

Becky Garrison on the political positions played by media, voters, advocates and the president on Amendment One.

Daily Links: What Social Contract? Edition

Jim Davis on the death of a predatory priest. Amy Levin on liberalism and feminism. The Immanent Frame's fantastic "Politics of Religious Freedom" series. Catholics roll up their sleeves over a Wendell Berry lecture. Hasidic Jews trying to stay out of court. Rowan Williams on the blood market.

Wherever Two or More Women Are Gathered…

...the Catholic Church seems to find "radical feminist" ideology.  Even if the gatherers are cookie-hawking tweens.  And members of a non-Catholic organization.  Not affiliated with the Church in any way. To the ever broadening category of Catholic Church vs. Women, we add today's entry:  the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has formalized it's disapproval of...