Monthly archive March, 2011

Creating Shari’ah Panic

As Adam Sewer of WaPo writes, a new report by The Center for American Progress debunks anti-shari'ah rhetoric. Read the report here. And a clip:
But by defining Sharia itself as the problem, and then asserting the authenticity of only the most extreme interpretations of Sharia, the authors are effectively arguing that...

Allah’s Name

Zeinab Yusuf Saiwalla: In Muslim majority Malaysia, the government recently refused to allow the distribution of tens of thousands of bibles that were printed in the country’s main language – Bahasa Malaysia. The controversy is not new; in 2009 the Malaysian Home Ministry prosecuted The Herald, Malaysia's sole Catholic publication, and threatened it with the...

The Only Female Catholic Priest in New York

Read Revealer Jo Piazza's latest on Gabriella Velardi Ward, a 63 year-old self-described Roman Catholic Woman Priest and her home church, Praxedis, at WSJ's Metropolis

Scientology Porn

One hardly knows what to say about Emily Anne Epstein's very brief article and photo series in last week's Metro, the free paper handed out at the dark mouth of another day's underground commute.  But maybe that's the point.  Epstein makes Scientology -- and the New York "flagship" center on 46th Street -- sound a...

Israel’s Fan in Hollywood

Elizabeth Taylor, who died this week at the age of 79, was an ardent friend and supporter of Israel writes WaPo's Nathan Burstein.

The Duty of Ritual Obeisance

From Lewis Lapham's introduction to the Celebrity issue of Latham's Quarterly (Winter 2011, p. 16):
In place of the gods who once commanded the heights of Mount Olympus, the media present a repertory company of animated tropes enthroned on a never-ending talk show, anointed with the oil of sweet celebrity, disgorging showers of gold.  It doesn't...

Tolerance Makes Kids Gay

"Tolerance" is considered a general good, an aspirational goal that, when done right, ameliorates violence and promotes understanding.  But "tolerance" has a number of definitions in play on the current political stage.  The dispute over its meanings is at the heart of a new bill in California that would institute the education of school children...

The Egyptian Referendum: Believing in Citizenship

Egyptians were deeply divided on whether to say “yes” or “no” to the proposed amendments to their country’s constitution following the January 25th Revolution. On the hot and dusty morning of Saturday, March 19th, after weeks of debate on-air, online, in newspaper op-ed pages and in our own living rooms, we lined up in droves...

Is Apple a Religion?

Minyanville asks The Revealer's publisher, Angela Zito, what she thinks.  Watch here.

Organizing Democracy

An excerpt from Blessed are the Organized: Grassroots Democracy in America, (Princeton University Press, 2010), edited slightly for this purpose. by Jeffrey Stout Beginning in the 1920s, Walter Lippmann argued that the main actors in a modern democratic republic are officeholders, political candidates, opinion makers, and other members of powerful elites. Ordinary citizens, he thought,...

“How is your outreach going with the Baptists or the Catholics?”

"Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) asked FBI Director Robert Mueller on Wednesday whether the bureau had any outreach programs specifically for the Baptist or Catholic communities like it did with the Muslim community." --Ryan J. Reilly, Talking Points Memo

House Opening Prayer, 3.14.11

Eternal God,
Before whom all creation bows,
and Father of all humanity
another week of life and testing unfolds before us.

With the breath of spring upon us,
may Congress be given fresh vision
on how to address the needs of Your people;
and as a good steward of national resources
be delivered from alien forces
and the tyranny...