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Friday’s Reflections: Egypt Rises…And Triumphs

Yasmin Moll: After 30 years of autocratic rule, Mubarak stepped down today. The announcement came around 6 pm Cairo time. I had just finished giving an interview to a documentary filmmaker where I expressed great fear that Mubarak will continue to defy the demands of millions of Egyptians and cling to power. I have never been...

Enter the Dragon: How Al Gore, the U.N., Earth First!, and an Episcopalian Bishop are All in Cahoots… with Satan

by Jack Downey In 1964, Richard Hofstadter published a rather enduring essay in Harper’s Magazine that succeeded, if nothing else, in accomplishing what most (egomaniacal) writers only fantasize about: he coined a new phrase that had legs, and has proved a valuable addition to our intellectual lexicon.1 “The Paranoid Style in American Politics” investigated the...

Christian Porn: Tackling the Elephant in the Pews

by Clint Rainey Some pastors view Super Bowl Sunday and church attendance as inverses—if the first, less of the second. (The joke is pastors conclude their sermons the week before that second holiest of Sundays with “See you in two weeks.”) But this year, replete with bizarre props, attracting media attention like

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Black Death: From God or the Devil

Christopher Smith on his new movie, "Black Death":
It's a film about a monk who has a clash between, the plague is either sent by God or sent by the devil. And a lot of people believe one of those two things. What happened was, the church got into this period where it was very...

Spring Events at The Center for Religion and Media

The Revealer's publisher, The Center for Religion and Media at New York University, will host a series of events this spring that you just shouldn't miss.

We Are All Egyptians

by Yasmin Moll There are tens of thousands of Egyptians in Tahrir today. And there are millions of Egyptians who are not. If we believe some international media outlets and domestic opposition papers, these groups make up two distinct camps: those for democracy and those for Mubarak. And if we believe the state press, the dividing line...

The Vatican Sees Opportunity with Wiccans

The UK’s Daily Mail reports that a Catholic publisher has put out a new book on how to convert Wiccans to Catholocism: The guide, published yesterday by the Catholic Truth Society, the UK publishers to the Holy See, was written by Elizabeth Dodd, a former Oxford Wiccan who converted to the Catholic faith. She said...

Women’s Rights in Egypt

"The Mubarak regime is more dangerous to women than the Muslim Brotherhood." Listen to renown feminist Dr. Nawal El Saadawi and NYU graduate student Yasmin Moll on the Brian Lehrer show on NPR. You can read today's exclusive article by El Saadawi at Women's Media Center here.

Ronald Reagan, Of Thee We Sing

Today marks the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan's birth, a centennial to surpass all centennials, complete with a new 44 cent stamp and a two-year long General Electric celebration of their former ambassador cum 40th president. The contrived event -- what other president have we held centennial celebrations for?? -- couldn't come at a better time....

Green = Death

From Resisting the Green Dragon: Dominion, Not Death, a new book (with a 4 disc DVD companion; look for a review by Jack Downey at The Revealer this week) that professes to expose the culture of death that is the foundation of the green movement:
The strange compulsion to societal suicide is a dogma in the...

The Erotic Bible

Newsweek asks, "What does the bible really say about sex?"
This ode to sexual consummation can be found in—of all places—the Bible. It is the Song of Solomon, a poem whose origins likely reach back to the pagan love songs of Egypt more than 1,200 years before the birth of Jesus. Biblical interpreters have...