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The F-Word: Speaking with Krista Tippett

by Jo Piazza It’s been four months since the Peabody-winning public radio program formerly known as “Speaking of Faith” changed its title to the more universal and spacious, “On Being.” The number of listeners writing into the show to tell host Krista Tippett they mourn the loss of the word “faith” has tapered to one a...

Adult Sexual Assault Victims and the Catholic Church

From Kathryn Joyce's recent article at Religion Dispatches:
Adult victims could comprise up to 25% of all clergy abuse cases, estimates David Clohessy, National Director of SNAP, but often face considerable skepticism about their stories. “In the eyes of the law, victims like Birge are adults. But that doesn’t mean that emotionally, psychologically, in the...

Addressing Beck’s Anti-Semitism

Did the Rabbis convince Rupert Murdock to edit Glenn Beck yet?

South Park Mormons

From Jo Piazza's recent story at Fox News on the forthcoming broadway musical, "The Book of Mormon," by the creators of "South Park":
“What we will see on Broadway will be something challenging and irreverent, but also riveting, entertaining and ultimately loving,” Brooks said. “Frankly, when Mormons are able to laugh at ourselves is when...

Oversimplification 3, 2, 1

From Andrew Khouri's "Getting the Story Right in Egypt," a recent post at The Scoop, Diane Winston's website at USC's Annenberg School for Journalism:
But on Thursday, the Muslim Brotherhood—Egypt's largest opposition group and a perennial Mubarak foe—announced it would join the large demonstrations that were planned after prayers on Friday. A Muslim Brotherhood spokesman...

Sharia Creeps

MoJo‘s Tim Murphy does the Shari’ah in America round-up so we don’t have to.

Ugandan Anti-Homosexual Violence

At the last minute Friday night, Brenda Namigadde, an activist from Uganda, was granted a reprieve by the UK from deportation.  She had already boarded a plane bound for Uganda. Targeted by the Ugandan paper Rolling Stone as a lesbian, along with one hundred other gay and lesbian activists -- one of which, David Kato, was...

Brown is Brown

Far be it from us to support gay-bashing, censorship or breaking the law, ahem, but this little piece from the increasingly paranoid Examiner does a fine job of equating all travelers from Mexico to San Diego as terrorists of one kind or another:
The Los Angeles Times reported on January 27, 2011 that Tunisian-born...


Haitian Spirits: A Photo Essay by Les Stone

introduction and curation by Abigail Ohlheiser They're women and men (but mostly women) bathed in light, bathed in water, eyes to the sky, some touching and wearing crosses. They're possessed by spirits, dancing on dirt floors, fire in their mouths....

The New Slavery

It may be altogether historically inaccurate, but the equation of abortion to slavery is a compelling argument for abortion foes.  Like presidential hopeful Rick Santorum.

Religious Leadership and Violence Prevention after Tucson

by Joshua Stanton This month, it became clear that Americans must do more to prevent violence. A congresswoman was shot in the head in what seems to have been a politically motivated assassination attempt – only surviving by luck or miracle. Six others have died and many more were wounded. our country is in a state...