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Fall Events at
NYU’s Center for Religion and Media

Looking for some fall programming?  We can fill your long dark evenings.

Call It a Comeback

Writes BibliOdyssey:
Regarded as one of the finest of all illuminated manuscripts in existence, the Ottheinrich Bible was thought to have been commissioned in about 1425 by the Royal Court of Bavaria. The unusually large manuscript was not completed until the following century when the German painter and engraver, Mathis Gerung, was offered 60 Rhenish guilders and winter...

Draw Mohammad, Hide

Wendy Norris, the artist formerly known for getting facebook banned in Pakistan, has repeatedly and publicly denied starting "Everybody Draw Mohammad Day."  According to AOL (via the Seattle Weekly), Norris has been forced to go into hiding.

The Amish Get a Graph

Finally! Amish populations, and their recent migration westward for affordable land, got USA Today's graphics department busy. Jeff Martin writes that the population of the notoriously "plain" Anabaptists has grown 5% in the past year to total a whopping (almost) quarter-million.  Cheap land is the new cause for wandering among the Amish...

Shari’ah: The New Communism

An "expose" on how Shari'ah is threatening America is now out from The Center for Security Policy, a neocon think tank founded by in 1988 by one of Reagan's Defense team, Frank Gaffney, Jr.  Gaffney's hard to take seriously, particularly when he pens stuff like, "Will Obama Enforce Sharia Blasphemy Laws," (CSP site,...

Why Don’t We Hear More from the Religious Left?

By Daniel Schultz It's a question I get asked a lot, and am sure to be asked more, now that The Book (Changing the Script: An Authentically Faithful and Authentically Progressive Political Theology for the 21st Century), is out. Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy answer. In fact, there isn’t even one answer. Instead, many...

Disguising Islamophobia

This photo was taken yesterday by Jeremy Walton, assistant professor at NYU's Religious Studies Program, in downtown Manhattan where various groups gathered to protest a proposed community center or to march in support of it.

Ground Zero and The Founders’ Civility

Akbar Ahmed is getting some praise for his piece at Salon that works to portray both Terry Jones and Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf as men "adding fuel to the fire," both exhibiting an insensitivity to a "civil" society that's decided to make them media headlines. Jones, you know by now, planned to burn...

What Makes Ground Zero Holy?

We've been wondering what makes the site of the 9/11 attacks "holy ground."  Michael Daly takes this saccharine stab at it in today's New York Daily News by asserting that tragedy (or seeing shells from foxholes) makes all of us pray in the same way:
Ground Zero is a mosque.  It is also a church...

The Perversion of the Shari’ah and
the Limits of Tolerance

By Tariq al-Jamil

This article is part of an ongoing series that examines what Shari'ah is, how the media often get it wrong, and how it’s being used to create fear of Islam and Muslims and to justify continued military defense of “American values.”

There are multiple levels of historical misinformation that fuel the manifold...

Fake Christians

So what exactly is an authentic Christian?  And who decides?

Mormons are People Too

Amidst accusations that they're clearing the way for another Mitt Romney presidential campaign, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has launched an ad campaign that profiles normal people who are also Mormon.  The campaign comes after the church commissioned a study two years ago that showed society had a lower opinion of...