Monthly archive April, 2010

Everybody’s a Critic

Conservative Australian columnist, Cliff Kincaid, warns that the American people should be paying attention to the Catholic Church's other offense: facilitating the "foreign invasion" of the U.S. by supporting immigration reform. In a Beckian rant that proves Kincaid needs to spend more time doing his own thinking, he nonetheless cynically crushes any...

Adapting Ritual.

Meera Subramanian, senior editor at our sister site Killing the Buddha, has an article in today's Wall Street Journal on the crisis Parsis now face with the extinction of vultures; since the time of Herodotus, they have relied on these birds to dispose of their dead. Subramanian writes:
In the earthly realm of...

Abortion as “Black Genocide”

Read former Revealer managing editor Kathryn Joyce's new article on efforts by the Religious Right to gain new black members by pushing the (old) idea that "family planning is a racist plan to wipe out populations of color."

Jews for Palin

The Forward's Gal Beckerman asks, "Who are the Jews Behind Palin 2010?"

Evangelical Theology and Post-Modernism.

What could be more telling of the challenges faced by the modern Evangelical church than this podcast of four white, male Evangelical theologians discussing post-modernism? Turns out not much.

Remember That You Will Die, Call for Entries

In conjunction with the Rubin Museum and Obit Magazine, our sister site Killing the Buddha is hosting an essay contest: Remember That You Will Die.

Pontifigate: Hazardous to My Health

Mary Valle: Oh! My stomach can't take any more! Thank you, Pontifigate. You have literally made me sick. Watergate gave its followers such a savory feeling of justice being served; there were bad guys, breaking laws, covering it up, bungling along the way: then it all ended so satisfactorily. If a scandal could have...

Salazar v. Buono

In a 5 to 4 decision yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled that a cross erected in the Mojave desert to honor World War I soldiers will stand, proving the Court has neither the will nor the ability to establish precedent on separation of church and state issues. This is the first of such...

“It’s the way I was raised.”

Chicago democratic representative Deborah Mell announced her engagement on the floor of the house yesterday. Personal announcements aren't uncommon, but Mell's caused a stir; she is one of two openly-gay legislators in the state of Illinois. She said:
"I know our governor and many of you on both sides of the aisle do...

Seal of Approval.

Does the president regularly endorse liberal practitioners of other religious traditions as somehow upstanding citizens of those traditions? He does not embrace and identify forms of Christianity and Judaism that he likes, even though there are obviously tendencies within both those religious traditions that support an illiberal relationship to politics and violence.

Who’s Afraid of the Free Speech Fundamentalists?: Reflections on the South Park Cartoon Controversy

Recent days have, alas, been marked by a sense of déjà vu all over again for scholars of contemporary Islam. On April 14th, the American cable network Comedy Central aired the first half of a double episode of the immensely-popular cartoon sitcom “South Park.” The episode specifically parodied Islamic prohibitions on the pictorial representation of...

Gluttony Gospel.

It's an old lesson: God rewards the enterprising. And that's the case that several Market Masters, including Goldman Sach's shameless leader Lloyd Blankenfein, who proclaimed sketchy trading practices as "God's work," have successfully made since Wall Street pushed the national economy into a pit some 18 months ago. I say successfully because, despite ample...