Monthly archive March, 2010

Sex Scandals: Not Just for Catholics

Elissa Lerner: While the Catholic Church is still up to its eyeballs in its latest sex abuse scandals (most recently, an apology from Swiss clergy and a call from Maureen Dowd for an “inquisition of the Pope”) let’s not forget that sex scandals do not discriminate based on religion. Earlier this month marked the beginning of an investigation into a sex...

Art Imitating Life

Elissa Lerner: Even Dan Brown missed these clues. A recent study conducted by a Cornell professor and his Presbyterian minister brother of 52 paintings of the Last Supper made over the past 1,000 years offers artistic evidence of humanity’s increase in food consumption. They discovered that portrayed bread sizes have increased by 23%, plates themselves have grown by...

Lost In Heaven

Seeing myself well lost once more, I sighed, 'Where, where in Heaven am I? But don't tell me! O opening clouds, by opening on me wide. Let's let my heavenly lostness overwhelm me.~~ROBERT FROST, Lost in Heaven

Cat’s Eye

It's an old light, and there's not much of it. But it's enough to see by.~~MARGARET ATWOOD, Cat's Eye


For true and false will in no better way be revealed and uncovered than in resistance to a contradiction.~~ST. THOMAS AQUINAS

The Mirror

For everything hidden must be revealed, each secret longs to be disclosed, each love yearns to be betrayed, everything sacred must be desecrated.~~ISAAC BASHEVIS SINGER, The Mirror

Rough Week for the RCC

Elissa Lerner: It’s been a rough week for the Catholic Church. Here’s a quick roundup: on March 4, the AP broke the story about the resurgence of child abuse by priests in German high schools, which was then criticized as “a wall of silence.” March 5, a senior aide to the Pope and a Vatican...

Protesting Glorification of the Nation-State.

Ann Neumann: If Goshen College in Indiana, the largest Anabaptist college in the US, thought they could start playing the national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner, before athletic events and no one would notice, a new poll, Jesus Radicals and a couple of Facebook pages are proving them wrong. The college, which chose to end...

Normal predicaments of human divinity

Ann Neumann: Haaretz interviews Revealer contributing editor Scott Korb about his new book, “Life in Year One: What the World was Like in First-Century Palestine” and the challenges of writing history, particularly a history that has divine significance for so many. His objective, Korb says, was to do for Jesus’ contemporaries what Agee did in...