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The Abstinence Gluttons

Here's a news story for the "timeless" file, the sort of hardboiled investigative reporting on an overlooked corner of government that the press doesn't do enough of: "Following the money swirling around [Bush donor Raymond] Ruddy," writes Michael Reynolds in The Nation, offers an eye-opening glimpse into the squalor at the heart of the abstinence-only...

Daniel in the Dino

Why it would be a sin not to include dinosaurs in illustrated children

God Squads Face Off!

Sharlet: On NPR's "On the Media," I join the show's Brooke Gladstone and "Media Matter"'s Paul Waldmanto discuss his new study for the liberal media watchdog organization in which he argues that the news media inflates the importance of religious conservatives and ignores the strengths of religious progressives. It's a valuable study for...