Monthly archive July, 2006

Fundamentalism's Power Principle

Writing in The Boston Globe, the eminent historian of religion Harvey Cox sees the "new" evangelical powers such as Rick Warren as much like the old, and he thinks that's a good thing. In Cox' reading, Billy Graham was a nice fella, Falwell isn't, but now American evangelicalism is reasonable again. Well, that's the...

No Go Godot

A lefty is fed up with waiting for the religious left: “The fervent hope for the creation of a vigorous, cohesive religious left has amounted to a vigil for Godot — the one who never arrives. And now I am grateful he never did.”

The Long Leash of the Lord

Noel Black: When Rob Brendle, Associate Pastor at New Life Church, agreed to write a column for my Colorado Springs-based monthly satire and humor rag, The Toilet Paper, I thought I had staged a major coup.

I Heart Decadence

Christianity Today's Philip Yancey considers "The Lure of Theocracy." He's against it -- we think.

Belief and Disbelief

Salon writer Steve Paulson talks belief with disbeliever Sam Harris, author of the bestselling book The End of Faith. Read the interview here.


“Hamza Walker Lindh has come to embody the challenge of Islam to America, and the challenge is simply this: In response to what America has done to him, Hamza has become more Islamic—-more himself, and a better Muslim. And in response to what Hamza has done to it, America has become less properly Christian, and...

Queen of the Night and Stone Flower

"Long ago when the Sun thoroughly warmed the Earth blessed by the good gods, where the Gypsies lived their lives, I mean, where our country once was to be found, there stood a camp pitched not far from a forest, at the edge of which was a beautiful castle..." Traditional Roma knowledge from Luminita...

Updike Misses Jihad

“If only the novelist had spent more time dreaming himself into the paranoid and angry world of Qutb and his followers…” Jonathan Raban on the failure of John Updike to comprehend jihad.

Sequins and Solidarity Forever

Jeff Sharlet: I received a call the other day from a CBS news producer looking for help on a segment about the new religious left, said by pundits to be in the offing. The man had done his research and understood the complexities of the subject, but still — he needed a talking head, and...