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A "fan" of Auschwitz?

Elissa Lerner: Raffi Berg reports that Auschwitz now has its own Facebook page. He writes that the Polish officials in charge seek to educate a younger generation about the Holocaust via “one of the most popular tools on the internet.” Though still in experimental stages, the officials hope that the page will provide a forum...

The Family

By Jeff Sharlet

The Revealer is on summer hiatus, but I'm currently blogging at, an online literary magazine about religion I created with novelist Peter Manseau back in 2000. Read more about that here. has just published a new book of which I'm co-editor, Believer, Beware: First-Person Dispatches from the Margins...

What Happened to The Revealer?

The Revealer has become awfully opaque of late, a static page of rarely renewed writing. That's because I've turned my energies back toward my first internet love, I hope Revealer readers will join me there. It's like The Revealer-plus, and then some.

I'll continue to occasionally blog about religion and media, along...

Saving the City, Saving the World

In New York people just know they're sinners.

By Nicole Greenfield

Where's the Love?

The “Hindu face of the Taliban” is making trouble for canoodling couples in India. Self-proclaimed morality police, the vigilantes of the extremist group Sri Ram Sene storm bars and night clubs to attack women and men sipping drinks in mixed company. Meera Subramaniantells all about about Sri Ram Sene and the “Pink Underwear Campaign” being waged...

Faith, Hope, and Revisionism

Peter Manseau: When Pope Benedict XVI visited Auschwitz in 2006, the prayer service he led began with the words

You Can Call Me Al

Is the Religious Right dead? It should be, suggests Sarah Pulliam in evangelicaldom’s most influential magazine, Christianity Today. Not the movement; the label. “Several politically conservative evangelicals said in interviews,” writes Pulliam, “that they do not want to be identified with the ‘Religious Right,’ ‘Christian Right,’ ‘Moral Majority,’ or other phrases still thrown around in...

The Corrections

Sharlet: Several times now reviewers of my recent book, The Family, have incorrectly charged that I claim in the book to have exposed a fundamentalist right-wing conspiracy. In fact, I do nothing of the sort...

J.G. Ballard's Pre-Posthumous Memoir

Mark Dery reviews the great J.G. Ballard

Alison Des Forges, 1942-2009

Jeff Sharlet: Among the dead of Continental Flight 3407 was a 66-year-old historian and activist named Alison Des Forges. In a short essay about the media responses to Rwandan genocide for The Revealer in 2004, I referred to Des Forges' 1999 book on the subject, Leave None to Tell the Story, as "a painful masterwork."...

My Bloody Valentine

Louis A. Reprecht asks, “How have we gone from a beheaded priest to a giddy worldwide day of romantic love? In a word: the widespread conviction that love is a dizzying sacrifice.”

RNC Religion

Michael Steele, new Republican National Committee chairman, is African-American; he’s also a serious Roman Catholic who spent three years studying for the priesthood. The former fact is front and center in mainstream coverage of Steele and his new job; the latter is mostly missing, as Terry Mattingly of GetReligion points out. Why do identity politics...